sebi2018-07-06 22:27:14
some dork
sebi2018-07-06 22:23:03
wait who the fuck pretend to be me up there
sebi2018-07-06 19:44:25
hsut th fugk up BITHC im insegure : (
sebi2018-07-06 12:45:24
i hate you all
sebi2018-07-06 00:09:27
so i was at the gamestop right and i was getting a game right so i picked up the game and went to the counter right and i said "i want this game" right and she said "thats a good game but i know a better game" right and she game me the eyes so my peepee got pretty big about uh 5 inches right and she led me to the storage room where they keep all the cool games like minecraft right and she gets me in a corner and starts to play with my peepee right so it feels pretty good and i was like "hey this is prety nice i rate 9/10" right so then she says "i bet i can make it ten" and i was like o h b a b y and she starts to put my peepee in her little squishy cave thing and i was like W OAH right and it gets really nice and then turns out my peepee has magic powers because it can make milk and it was pretty cool it like FLEW outta my peepee and then the gamepstop girl licked it up and she said "i can let you taste my milk" and i started to suc on her booby and i played with it and she made weird noises and it magically made my peepee biger and we had a lotta fun that day i come there every week now to play together
sebi2018-07-05 18:58:16
yeah that
Sebi2018-07-05 18:57:30
goodbye blf
sebi2018-05-12 20:52:11
this is the bbcode situation right now fucking 13 people banned as i type this
Sebi2018-04-12 14:46:38
has everyone given up on finding this
Sebi2017-07-21 05:30:44
wait you do art
Sebi2017-06-27 15:42:48