Lord Tony2018-07-06 23:57:52
im gonna fuck ur dad lol
Lord Tony2018-07-05 23:36:52
help I'm being beaten by a black man
Lord Tony2018-07-05 23:08:40
Wait what? No it's not
Lord Tony2018-07-05 22:18:49
my dick is very tiny
lord tony2018-07-05 16:28:15
this is the start of the civil war alex jones warned you
Lord Tony2018-07-05 15:21:38
Shut the fuck up TableSalt
Lord Tony2017-08-05 00:50:19
im fuckin dumb lol
Lord Tony2017-06-28 20:06:52
My show sucks
Lord Tony2017-06-27 13:54:51
please close this forum forever, I fuck ponies
Lord Tony2017-06-26 22:42:23
Since I can't be banned for this, and you'll never be able to prove I'm the real Lord Tony.

I'm trolling, I always have been, and you're all fools for taking my news threads seriously. Also fuck you. :)
Lord Tony2017-06-26 11:30:55
I'm harvesting some scum for spreading memes.
Lord Tony2016-08-25 14:46:18
Anyways I don't know what this is for, I'll assume like battlebots maybe. I would take ideas from Blendo which was made from one of the Mythbusters guys. Pretty similar to this.

Lord Tony2016-08-25 14:43:52
I'd rather make a robot than update a game that's already been finished for the past decade.
Lord Tony2016-08-24 14:18:01
One thing I don't like about spin bots is that there is so much kinetic energy going on that it damages the bot itself too.
Lord Tony2016-03-19 04:57:33
What movie is this?
Lord Tony2016-02-03 02:35:07
I see Dead Space is on your unplayed list. It's kind of similar to Resident Evil 4 in terms of gameplay.

I liked the first game but I have no interest in the sequels.

I 100% the game on the PS3 only because I like collecting every trophy but I don't recommend it because my god it shows how tedious the game can get.
Lord Tony2016-02-03 02:27:39
A 4 star rating on Blockland?
Lord Tony2015-07-03 02:29:33
Red looks better by default though.
lord tony2012-04-09 08:43:36
pfft anime is for pussies
Lord Tony2011-08-21 16:30:14
I'm watching the movie right now on TV. :D
Lord Tony2009-02-16 12:44:54
I never thought quake would ever have something with graphics like that.
Lord Tony2009-02-16 12:52:47
I still wish we had arms and legs instead of floating limbs.
Lord Tony2009-02-25 21:40:35
Badspot should atleast make a sheild for Blockland.
Lord Tony2009-02-16 12:47:41
Sorry to burst your bubble but the first comment for this was in 2006 it's there will be no update to legs and arms in V11.
Lord Tony2009-02-16 12:59:51
You should put this as your avatar or signature.
Lord Tony2009-02-25 21:44:17
Lewnaja do you like to be banned on everything?