Kenko2023-07-02 20:22:23
what relevance does that have

btw i went ahead and checked and found my original post to badspot on this page, so i definitely did ask him again about blr. not sure why it disappeared tho
Kenko2023-07-02 20:04:54
well no, i have sent him dms on the blf and he didnt bother to reply. badspot knows about what we're doing and i remember actually asking him again on this page but it seems the post disappeared lmao
Kenko2023-07-02 16:41:46
hi all,

come join us for the new bl replacement (bl rebuilt) at

we have managed to decompile the game to add back in maps with shaders along with other qol improvements and cant wait to release it for the rest of the community to play. note: u will need to login with steam to verify your blid.

for more info please take a look at our discord. i am so proud about this project and ill be putting out more info soon.
Kenko2018-11-06 15:32:11
Thanks, Badspot
Kenko2018-07-06 13:39:16
@badspot - how much storage space do the posts alone take up??
Kenko2018-07-05 14:45:04
Uh oh!!!!!!!