ret2018-07-08 23:28:52
The late April Fool's joke is that our IPs were logged on here, and each comment will be traced to their respective forum accounts.
ret2018-07-07 19:27:44
Imagine remembering your keys.
ret2018-07-07 17:30:56
Put your file in the Add-ons folder. Make sure the addon isn't nested (duplicate add-on folders). I think using a Mac for the Steam version might screw up faces.
ret2018-07-07 06:56:57
It's as if there's an underlying desire for trash fires to prosper - the BLF is the perfect catalyst.

Either that or the dude just wants his own space for the game/helping us.
RET2018-07-06 19:42:01
I feel the site's held by glue and tape at times. That Twitter "technical limitations" thing actually tells you if there are excess replies; however this garbage you're experiencing is random and caused by unreliability AKA you aren't deemed significant enough for such a feature.

Additionally, there's a slew of users unable to view their own Tweets in general.