Mocheeze2023-11-20 01:51:26
Be the change you want to see. Oh wait, that's right, you overdosed on retard and forgot how to make video games.
Mocheeze2018-07-08 13:54:45
Not dead.
mocheeze2018-07-06 18:20:30
Heard my account was broken into. :(
Mocheeze2017-06-26 22:18:13
Hey guys I'm back from that balloon ride
Mocheeze2017-06-26 04:55:15
I heard Ephialtes shut down RTB, pretty sad news, especially considering all that work that he and I put into it to make it what it was. But hey, what's done is done. It is a shame about what happened with Blockland and Steam Greenlight, however.

Anyway, it's good (And even kind of heartwarming!) to see that people have tried to make their own versions of RTB, that 'Blockland Glass' seems pretty capable, so good on those guys, and good on the Blockland community as whole for staying strong and creative. Keep up the good work you guys, and especially you, Badspot. :)
Mocheeze2006-04-11 15:11:42
You guys still check this site?