random2014-09-08 18:12:48
dat doesnt anwser my question rly
random2014-08-13 07:33:06
no download really?!
random2012-03-23 03:28:33
Lol this happened to me while I was on the Normandy and I forgot to save for a while... I was pretty annoyed
random2009-01-09 10:03:55
The only reason why lego doesn't want Blockland to be legoish is because the game costs money. Lego wants to make profit out of something that is their invention which some would say is selfish, but they basically made the lego so you really can't make any good arguement. Basically, they don't care about FREE lego games, but they do care about RETAIL lego games. To bend that rule, someone could just make a LEGO mod. Apparently everybody likes the new blocks and minifigs, which I like too, but I liked the lego better. *Sigh* So many memories...