MasterCE2006-12-27 05:33:01
Wow, Blockland Made TV......Badspot....could you maybe call up G4 channel sometime and ask to go on there to show off retail beta? :D!!! It'd be AWESOME!
MasterCE2007-02-28 02:43:01
THen why do I see you ingame all the time?
MasterCE2007-04-03 09:53:23
That's Captain Kulk from Star Trek
MasterCE2007-10-29 01:08:51
All those years of phone dating caught up with you. You have hearing AIDS.

Anyway...whoever really made this should make new longer ones...
MasterCE2007-07-22 13:21:22
Then you need hearing aids
MasterCE2007-04-03 09:55:11
@Snot: Ya, I was never sure about that one, I found it while using a search engine on my cosins computer and it kinda sounded like him
MasterCE2007-03-08 22:41:46
Linde uses that as his wallpaper :o