Mega Bear2018-07-04 15:56:17
I would like to hereby bestow the title of patrician upon ChappersTeddy. godspeed and keep on rockin in the free world.
Mega Bear2011-06-12 20:20:44
Memory Lane looks a little ... run down.
Mega Bear2011-06-12 20:18:34
That's nice.
Mega Bear2011-06-12 20:18:12
And not a single minority in there.
Mega Bear2011-06-12 20:05:55
It's a gold fish. I would still eat the thing.
Mega Bear2010-08-13 20:57:18
@ninja from blockland
You can get Vanilla Blockland from TBM.
Mega Bear2010-07-28 01:01:24
At least they made sure to put on safety goggles.