Iban2022-06-12 00:16:28
Shitty comic
Iban2017-06-27 00:34:03
guess whos also back?
Iban2011-06-02 15:13:48
I thought that was a tampon casing on the ground.

Who the hell puts toilet paper in first aid?
Iban2011-03-08 22:58:41
Jaw Cancer is a low threshold for buying apple products.
Iban2011-02-07 20:06:58
In Badspot's world, all women have figures, D cups, and play video games.
Iban2010-11-09 20:53:02
Oh my god, the Hunter died.
Iban2007-02-04 03:35:06

BL for the win pls.