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Green Blockhead2008-11-08 13:27:15
2 quotes from CONNOR11: THAT WAS COOL

Stop spamming THAT WAS COOL.
Green Blockhead2008-11-08 13:24:42
Intresting, I seen that game before. Someone met you on this medevil game, making beds, going to jail and swinging around. Here is a keyword "Koleth" obviously. Ive been trying to find out what that game is. I have the link though:
Green Blockhead2008-12-20 12:41:06
Quote from Robo Noob (IP: - 12/6/2008 - 5:24:23 PM
Green Blockhead thats Captain Kirk retard

You superly gotta fuck off. Go make a post that I said "If you don't stop bothering me, I will steal all of your avatars. Using them daily. And don't bully Captain Kirk.
Green Blockhead2008-11-09 08:50:10
I think its him (Badspot) :P
Green Blockhead2008-12-20 12:44:36
Badspot, I know you hate me. But your pictures are brilliant. I cannot belive you can do such a detailed picture. The explosions are great, the blood is brill, and the ships are cool. I don't hate you Badspot. You just hate me.