Tonkka2017-03-13 16:40:15
Reminds me of those mocking images on /v/ where a "PC peasant" stares at console exclusives.
Tonkka2014-11-27 17:23:16
These people have an attention span large enough to learn how to code and mod games yet they don't know how to check their spelling.

How do these people exist?
Tonkka2013-07-27 19:04:50
Placebo effect strikes once again.
Tonkka2013-05-16 05:12:58

You do know that all the gameplay elements are still there? If the buggy and ugly maps are what made Blockland fun for you, why don't you go play Age Of Time? You can play Blockland maps on that game you know.
Tonkka2012-10-22 18:44:23

Because they sucked, If you don't like the change don't play the game.
Tonkka2012-10-03 18:23:37
Ya i really loved how it took 60 minutes.
Tonkka2012-03-01 16:19:04
I wish Blockland was reviewed in more shows.
Tonkka2011-05-02 11:58:13
None Of Your Busniss (IP: 2011-04-29 19:32:56

1. Who said Blockland is a kids program?
2. Who said Blockland is a program?
3. Who said sweating in a kids program is illegal?
4. Who told you badspot listens these comments?
5. You just sweared.