Xoax2010-06-08 00:12:43
These are becoming more and more common, maybe Baddy will have a regular webcomic now. :o
Xoax2010-05-12 09:42:07
Both of the comics you've made are hilarious.
Xoax2010-05-01 22:08:14
This is hilarious.
Xoax2010-04-20 22:39:48
Now that was pretty fucking cool, so, the question still stands. How hard is it actually?
Xoax2010-02-21 01:38:57
Unlike Tails I am a fine gunbound player, Lightning mobile all the way.
Xoax2010-02-14 23:16:38
Wonder what they'd think now after all the evolution Blockland has gone through.