Beachbum2017-08-31 23:14:45
I am dead
Gothboy2017-08-31 00:21:08
Love this one. So damn true. I'm gonna make sure my kids first handheld is my old gameboy color I still have tucked away somewhere
2017-08-30 19:35:49
join me in a quality game of speedkart no balls
Badspot2017-08-30 13:18:21
That's the commentators's desk. Calling robot fights for 3 days is rough on your voice.
Gothboy2017-08-30 10:56:58
I'm glad you're still working on this, I can't wait to play the finished game
MetalMan2017-08-30 10:49:51
Cough drops and bananas?
Badspot2017-08-30 08:32:53
I thought you were dead.
Beachbum2017-08-30 08:16:58
I thought this was dead. The last update video before this one was around a year ago
Jobius2017-08-29 09:58:59
Oh wow, totally didn't notice that xD
Thanks again! You are awesome!
Badspot2017-08-29 06:11:38
In nestopia, options->preferences->Switch to fullscreen on startup
Jobius2017-08-28 09:33:56
Thanks! It works!
One more question, is there a way to add a command line that will automaticly trigger the emulator to open in fullscreen?
Badspot2017-08-27 22:30:14
You have to set the command line parameters. Something like this:
Jobius2017-08-27 14:47:08
If i can get bsnes to load would be even better, but that basicly gives the same problem, only launches the emulator. Not the game.
Jobius2017-08-27 14:29:23
Hey man, im tryting to use your front end because its fantastic. But i can't seem to get it to work with my emulator.
Everytime i try to launch a game it does lauch the emulator but then give me error message: 'file not found'. The emulator i use is nestopia. On its own nestopia works fine (if i load in the roms manually.) But the front end seems to break something?

Can you please help me?
sethseth62017-08-26 18:03:37
Torque IS open source, and he CAN release the source.
Superepic2017-08-17 06:03:39
Yep, really something to be proud of!
emiko2017-08-17 06:01:42
My friend is currently running a Discord server for v0002 and its mods.
2017-08-16 20:03:15
is this really the first fucking comment
Dylan2017-08-14 16:34:00
Very Cool
lol2017-08-14 14:59:05
badspot what hte fuck is wrong with you, why did you stop updating the only successfuly game you've ever made you are a useless cunt
Roblox is better2017-08-14 14:58:59
What is this shit
2017-08-13 21:07:05
milkface2017-08-10 19:39:49
im here to chew ass and kick gum and im all out of gum
Some little shit2017-08-10 16:58:19
I don't think he eats shit either.
2017-08-10 00:59:19
I wish people would actually read
euronymous2017-08-09 02:01:54
Forever and always~
bumpster2017-08-07 03:10:31
MathewSmugg2017-08-07 01:43:40
How Do I Fix "No URL Set In Game Manifest?"
Badspot2017-08-06 01:21:19
If you have a low end PC, I'd recommend downloading the binary version of the game. If it still won't run full speed (you must have a reaaally low-end machine), you can go into the options, change "vsync" from "hardware" to "high timer" or "ms timer" then select 30 fps.
riki2321gamer2017-08-05 22:15:02
anyone here
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-08-05 17:55:07
Trying it
succ2017-08-05 17:40:01
cuccold piss off
DedCock2017-08-05 17:39:16
rtb is underneath that shit
Niklassi2017-08-05 10:23:35
Is it possible to add a frameskip option? I have a Low-End PC and it would really help me. Thank you <3
Lord Tony2017-08-05 04:50:19
im fuckin dumb lol
sharkb8 / Eli C2017-08-04 03:03:14
This is a revolutionary style of forum
Eli C2017-08-04 03:01:12
Really cool to see such an old clip.
Erjon2017-08-02 15:21:42
Is this fully finished or is it still on delevopment?
HELLO2017-07-31 17:53:36
Blockland Person2017-07-30 18:07:42
Theres a game similar to this prototype called the orange block on indiedb
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-07-29 14:26:30
DAMNNN Calm down!!! the one where I said "Fuck blockland, I screwed you for money" was IceFreeze, anybody can put their name as Badspot! try it.
heavy bro2017-07-29 13:50:59
Nevermind, i've found FAQ.
heavy bro2017-07-29 12:51:00
How this game will cost, will you release on Steam?
Badspot2017-07-27 22:31:49
It's a fairly pure platformer with some optional speed running mechanics on top of it. There are secret areas with minor puzzles but it's mainly an execution based game.
Erjon2017-07-27 21:44:40
Seems cool
heavy bro2017-07-27 21:43:57
Is this will like sandbox or puzzle game?
Plinko2017-07-26 18:26:21
lmao rip blockland 2004-2005-2006-2017
Padsbot2017-07-26 02:01:20
rip blockland development
Badspot2017-07-23 01:08:20
34066 is still active and has been logged into as recently as today.
Energizer2017-07-22 19:39:12
Hi, my key isn't working my ID is 34066. I was told that it might be because I key shared but I've never given my key to anyone. I've used it on my laptop and if you want me to prove that it is my on my laptop i can prove it. Is there any way I can get my account back? Thanks.
AsteroidsRepackaged2017-07-22 06:02:11
Relatable on many levels.
ok2017-07-22 02:43:59
RIP2017-07-21 17:23:06
Dis shait ded yo
Sebi2017-07-21 05:30:44
wait you do art
Badspot2017-07-21 00:12:04
A comma, sure - but no question mark. That can lead to an entirely different reading.
Rednakin2017-07-20 13:49:21
Some punctuation in the first bubble is missing or wrong, but it's not misleading.
"you are, aren't you?"

also the post button is off screen on mobile portrait mode and can't be scrolled to.
You expect anyone, esp baldspot to give a fuck LOL

goddamn i hate ppl who hate shit why cant we all just hold hands and sit under a tree and write a poem as rainbows sprout through the skies above us
badspots ap ervert2017-07-20 00:49:25
u make cartoon porn for a side income stream nigga what
Baldspot2017-07-20 00:48:55
Lord Tony did nothing wrong
badshit 2017-07-20 00:48:06
fuck all of u this game is gone forever MUAHAHAHAHAA
orange2017-07-19 20:40:24
aka tony
bloo kirby2017-07-18 13:44:40
i'm very saddened by your words mr spot
Exiton2017-07-18 10:21:26
What, no Andromeda comics? :(
shit_eater_22017-07-17 11:57:59
yeah that's not me
crazy2017-07-17 07:35:21
i dont think he eats shit
TableSalt2017-07-16 22:40:58
absolutely undetectable.
2017-07-15 15:11:55
I played through the entirety of the prototype, and eagerly await the final version.
Isaksme2017-07-13 23:00:07
Blockland lol
A quality Joke2017-07-11 20:47:16
What do black people and bicycles have in common?

-Both of them dont work without chains.
JebtheRebel2017-07-11 00:43:11
Yes2017-07-10 18:22:59
Go fuck yourself.2017-07-10 09:42:15
You should be ashamed about yourself Badspot.
This game is your only source of income and yet you fuck yourself over by not caring about it.
Goddamn i hate this shit.
aaa2017-07-10 04:52:56
is this shit still alive
Spot of the bad2017-07-08 13:39:41
This discussion is more alive than Blockland
John Doe2017-07-07 15:05:46
h2017-07-06 03:44:08
Im the ass man2017-07-05 07:35:27
I eat ass
tix2017-07-04 22:04:59
Badspot2017-07-03 07:27:50
>The Long Dark

I'm not really interested in crafting systems or unfinished games.
Badspot2017-07-02 16:52:14
>You would make a great programmer!

Thanks, bro. I know I'll make it someday.
Anonymous2017-07-02 15:51:02
Impressive work! You would make a great programmer!
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-07-02 05:11:21
lol people still think I made Blockland
badhairline2017-07-02 05:10:06
aye yuh dab of ranch yuh aye aye dab of ranch dab on em dab in em
\(-_-)>2017-07-02 00:00:32
Baldspot2017-07-01 14:15:52
Masterlegodude2017-07-01 13:57:30
I jack off to jailbait cartoon furry animals and I look like a french autist IRL lollolololooolool
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-07-01 13:56:29
I was the third shooter at columbine high school
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-07-01 13:56:13
I like men.
what2017-07-01 08:13:14
why does this exist again
Cooolguy322017-06-30 04:19:15
this is still active2017-06-30 03:40:45
wow ok
2017-06-29 23:04:33
can somebody please confirm the posts made by 'Badspot' that say he's going to upgrade the forum to 2.0
Ephialtes2017-06-29 22:55:50
I'm going to call it RTRTB

Return to Return to Blockland
Ephialtes2017-06-29 22:55:27
RTB is coming back
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-06-29 22:52:55
fuck smf! it gay!
2017-06-29 22:42:34
how long before we go to VBulletin lol
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-06-29 22:33:10
Well, smf 2.x means complications, expect issues.
including my profile2017-06-29 22:16:17
not all is lost yet
so i could access this thread2017-06-29 22:15:51
attack on tomatoes2017-06-29 22:09:42
autism unleashed