Masterlegodude2017-07-01 09:57:30
I jack off to jailbait cartoon furry animals and I look like a french autist IRL lollolololooolool
Masterlegodude2017-06-28 20:06:13
I like men.
Masterlegodude2017-06-28 00:10:03
BLF's now back to showing the Cloudflare page, maybe Badpot got the new server and is just setting it up?
Masterlegodude2017-06-27 16:57:05
This was a stake
Masterlegodude2017-06-26 07:37:37
Three X's in a row, Zohair wins
Masterlegodude2017-06-26 02:39:42
When the forums are back, you should reveal the true identities of the people that posted here by using their IP addresses and matching it up to their forum profile that uses that IP
Masterlegodude2014-08-07 02:46:37
Masterlegodude2010-05-24 20:24:52
Masterlegodude2010-05-16 08:18:56
I had a good laugh at this and i haven't even played Mass Effect 2 (I haven't even played Mass Effect 1!) :D