Jobius2017-08-29 09:58:59
Oh wow, totally didn't notice that xD
Thanks again! You are awesome!
Jobius2017-08-28 09:33:56
Thanks! It works!
One more question, is there a way to add a command line that will automaticly trigger the emulator to open in fullscreen?
Jobius2017-08-27 14:47:08
If i can get bsnes to load would be even better, but that basicly gives the same problem, only launches the emulator. Not the game.
Jobius2017-08-27 14:29:23
Hey man, im tryting to use your front end because its fantastic. But i can't seem to get it to work with my emulator.
Everytime i try to launch a game it does lauch the emulator but then give me error message: 'file not found'. The emulator i use is nestopia. On its own nestopia works fine (if i load in the roms manually.) But the front end seems to break something?

Can you please help me?