A 4-way rumble between the remaining beetleweights at RoboGames 2017 - Bezek, Hypershlock, Sharpshooter, and Keiler.

I petitioned heavily for this fight to take place in the hex arena with its relatively undamaged magnetic floor, but I was told that it "wasn't safe" because the door was slightly flexible at the top.

The blades on Bezek had been bent up and hammered back down several times at this point and I had also had to repair the silver solder joints, which ruined any hardening that I may have managed before. A hit from Sharpshooter bent one of the already bent blades significantly and the imbalance caused a spontaneous pirouette that landed Bezek upside down again.

Darksaber22132017-04-27 23:47:45
Man, that's disappointing that the fight didn't happen in the hex arena. Bezek fought valiantly :(.
MetalMan2017-08-30 06:49:51
Cough drops and bananas?
Badspot2017-08-30 09:18:21
That's the commentators's desk. Calling robot fights for 3 days is rough on your voice.

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