Badspot2017-10-12 18:53:37
Hmm, the juisir doesn't have the drm fruit bags and it hasn't reached the delivery date yet, so we'll just keep an eye on it for now.
Badspot2017-10-12 18:29:12


>How about the Juicero?

That wasn't crowd funded though... but wtf I just googled and there's an identical scam JUISIR that got $570k on kickstarter. And apparently there was a direct pre-order magic credit card thing called "plastic" that got a cool 9mil. The ride never ends!
Flamecannon2017-10-12 15:40:17
You had a quick typo for the Portal by Arubixs - "Well good thing 'it' the funding was flexible too, so he still gets to keep the money."

How about the Juicero?
Badspot2017-10-11 00:35:22
>Cicret Bracelet?

Oh yeah, that was a good one. I've added it.
Bloo Kirby2017-10-10 10:34:45
what about the Cicret Bracelet?
Gothboy2017-10-10 09:17:40
All this time I've spent working hard in a factory could've been spent shitting out some half believable idea and asking for donations. Damn.
Badspot2017-10-10 04:14:55
The LGBTQ2AIIPPoC cannot exist, xe is too pure for this world.
lego lad2017-10-10 00:52:18
how did anyone believe the bioo thing? you dont even have to know anything about tech to know its fake, its so obvious
James2017-10-10 00:17:15
addSystem("GameCube", "", 1, 1, "", "", "", "", 1) adds a system....

Is ther a delete command?possibly delsystem?
notbomberguy2017-10-09 23:39:55
0/10 lack of blockland from the leaderboard
Lord2017-10-09 18:40:46
It doesn't just stop here.

There is tons of gaming kickstarters that are fraudulent too.
2017-10-09 18:31:47
It looks like the owners of Bioo turned their page into a draft so no one could see it anymore.
Red Spy2017-10-09 18:26:47
I love you
hye guys2017-10-09 12:57:41
ur nan is an ugli
Manster2017-10-09 00:22:22
Thanks for making this frontend. It's exactly what I've always wanted and I absolutely love it except for one small glitch...

It seems that clearing game pad controls from Romshelf is impossible. For "Up" & "Down" I have the controls set to just my keyboard's up and down keys. Despite this I can still scroll through Romshelf with my game pad. This poses a problem since I use joytokey. Every time I use the d-pad to scroll up or down it scrolls through 2 entries at a time.

Is there a way I can fix this?
Badspot2017-10-08 21:29:22
Hmm, I guess I'll make it link to their website even though it's terrible.
Jjames2017-10-08 18:01:34
Short term solution I was forced to rename it to Te$t Drive
James2017-10-08 17:33:43
Im trying romshelf. in SNES i have no crap roms file. TEST DRIVE II - The Dual gets removed as a crap rom due to containing the word test.

Is there a way to turn off crap filtering?
guy2017-10-08 17:18:01
the uBeam image link points to the Triton indiegogo site
alem2017-10-05 14:28:19
Woah, what a great comic.
alem2017-10-05 14:26:49
> hat physics
> no monocles
> wtf
wut2017-10-05 14:25:19
alem2017-10-05 14:24:31
Interesting, I did not know about this.
Rodrick2017-10-03 15:52:11
If he releases or gives it to someone else i would love to see it be revived.
thackeray2017-09-30 06:20:29
Blockland will always be in my heart. Always.

(also hey people still post comments here, holy shit.)
Smokydoke2017-09-30 01:58:52
yo where tf the bad spot
Bdspot2017-09-28 21:53:03
Hello, everyone!
Sylvanor2017-09-19 11:55:41
ill buy it if it ever come out
Blockbyte2017-09-18 23:51:48
Gothboy2017-09-18 07:39:31
Loved playing this for GB back in the day
Not Badspot2017-09-15 08:27:54
Please tell me you're working on a new update.
2017-09-13 01:06:42
If you think thats bad try google image searching "white women"
Codystar552017-09-12 23:02:25
Please i really want to bring that version back as well as many other people
Codystar552017-09-12 23:02:00
Hey badspot i was wondering if we could bring the older version of blockland back v20 with the maps by hosting it on a lan service such as tunngle or hamachi
badsplf2017-09-12 03:27:50
icefreeze2017-09-09 07:49:55
lmao badspot made it so you cant name yourself as badspot anymore RIP
Gothboy772017-09-07 08:27:07
They now have a DuckDuckGo extension for chrome. Makes perfect sense

"The search engine that doesn't track you"

"With a new extension for the web browser that does" #everythingGoogle
Pecon2017-09-07 04:09:16
> If you want different results, you need different rules. A different revenue model. A different administrative structure. An alternative to the centralized client-server model. Something.

Namecoin was a really interesting concept in this area, I think. It never really took off, but the idea behind it was to replace the mostly centralized DNS system with a decentralized solution. It worked off of Bitcoin's underlying structure and kinda just tacked on the ability to 'spend' tokens in order to register a hostname in the blockchain. In theory it would make all domain names completely inalienable and equally priced.
Deedend 2017-09-07 03:06:16
Any existing alternative?
%2017-09-06 21:37:44
Badspot, you're getting shared in more mainstream places now :)
2017-09-06 20:52:36
I've noticed this on innocuous searches as well. Additionally, returned results are ideologically colored.
Yes2017-09-03 15:21:30
Gay ming :)
Beachbum2017-08-31 23:14:45
I am dead
Gothboy2017-08-31 00:21:08
Love this one. So damn true. I'm gonna make sure my kids first handheld is my old gameboy color I still have tucked away somewhere
2017-08-30 19:35:49
join me in a quality game of speedkart no balls
Badspot2017-08-30 13:18:21
That's the commentators's desk. Calling robot fights for 3 days is rough on your voice.
Gothboy2017-08-30 10:56:58
I'm glad you're still working on this, I can't wait to play the finished game
MetalMan2017-08-30 10:49:51
Cough drops and bananas?
Badspot2017-08-30 08:32:53
I thought you were dead.
Beachbum2017-08-30 08:16:58
I thought this was dead. The last update video before this one was around a year ago
Jobius2017-08-29 09:58:59
Oh wow, totally didn't notice that xD
Thanks again! You are awesome!
Badspot2017-08-29 06:11:38
In nestopia, options->preferences->Switch to fullscreen on startup
Jobius2017-08-28 09:33:56
Thanks! It works!
One more question, is there a way to add a command line that will automaticly trigger the emulator to open in fullscreen?
Badspot2017-08-27 22:30:14
You have to set the command line parameters. Something like this:
Jobius2017-08-27 14:47:08
If i can get bsnes to load would be even better, but that basicly gives the same problem, only launches the emulator. Not the game.
Jobius2017-08-27 14:29:23
Hey man, im tryting to use your front end because its fantastic. But i can't seem to get it to work with my emulator.
Everytime i try to launch a game it does lauch the emulator but then give me error message: 'file not found'. The emulator i use is nestopia. On its own nestopia works fine (if i load in the roms manually.) But the front end seems to break something?

Can you please help me?
sethseth62017-08-26 18:03:37
Torque IS open source, and he CAN release the source.
Superepic2017-08-17 06:03:39
Yep, really something to be proud of!
emiko2017-08-17 06:01:42
My friend is currently running a Discord server for v0002 and its mods.
2017-08-16 20:03:15
is this really the first fucking comment
Dylan2017-08-14 16:34:00
Very Cool
lol2017-08-14 14:59:05
badspot what hte fuck is wrong with you, why did you stop updating the only successfuly game you've ever made you are a useless cunt
Roblox is better2017-08-14 14:58:59
What is this shit
2017-08-13 21:07:05
milkface2017-08-10 19:39:49
im here to chew ass and kick gum and im all out of gum
Some little shit2017-08-10 16:58:19
I don't think he eats shit either.
2017-08-10 00:59:19
I wish people would actually read
euronymous2017-08-09 02:01:54
Forever and always~
bumpster2017-08-07 03:10:31
MathewSmugg2017-08-07 01:43:40
How Do I Fix "No URL Set In Game Manifest?"
Badspot2017-08-06 01:21:19
If you have a low end PC, I'd recommend downloading the binary version of the game. If it still won't run full speed (you must have a reaaally low-end machine), you can go into the options, change "vsync" from "hardware" to "high timer" or "ms timer" then select 30 fps.
riki2321gamer2017-08-05 22:15:02
anyone here
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-08-05 17:55:07
Trying it
succ2017-08-05 17:40:01
cuccold piss off
DedCock2017-08-05 17:39:16
rtb is underneath that shit
Niklassi2017-08-05 10:23:35
Is it possible to add a frameskip option? I have a Low-End PC and it would really help me. Thank you <3
Lord Tony2017-08-05 04:50:19
im fuckin dumb lol
sharkb8 / Eli C2017-08-04 03:03:14
This is a revolutionary style of forum
Eli C2017-08-04 03:01:12
Really cool to see such an old clip.
Erjon2017-08-02 15:21:42
Is this fully finished or is it still on delevopment?
HELLO2017-07-31 17:53:36
Blockland Person2017-07-30 18:07:42
Theres a game similar to this prototype called the orange block on indiedb
LOL I'm BadSpot2017-07-29 14:26:30
DAMNNN Calm down!!! the one where I said "Fuck blockland, I screwed you for money" was IceFreeze, anybody can put their name as Badspot! try it.
heavy bro2017-07-29 13:50:59
Nevermind, i've found FAQ.
heavy bro2017-07-29 12:51:00
How this game will cost, will you release on Steam?
Badspot2017-07-27 22:31:49
It's a fairly pure platformer with some optional speed running mechanics on top of it. There are secret areas with minor puzzles but it's mainly an execution based game.
Erjon2017-07-27 21:44:40
Seems cool
heavy bro2017-07-27 21:43:57
Is this will like sandbox or puzzle game?
Plinko2017-07-26 18:26:21
lmao rip blockland 2004-2005-2006-2017
Padsbot2017-07-26 02:01:20
rip blockland development
Badspot2017-07-23 01:08:20
34066 is still active and has been logged into as recently as today.
Energizer2017-07-22 19:39:12
Hi, my key isn't working my ID is 34066. I was told that it might be because I key shared but I've never given my key to anyone. I've used it on my laptop and if you want me to prove that it is my on my laptop i can prove it. Is there any way I can get my account back? Thanks.
AsteroidsRepackaged2017-07-22 06:02:11
Relatable on many levels.
ok2017-07-22 02:43:59
RIP2017-07-21 17:23:06
Dis shait ded yo
Sebi2017-07-21 05:30:44
wait you do art
Badspot2017-07-21 00:12:04
A comma, sure - but no question mark. That can lead to an entirely different reading.
Rednakin2017-07-20 13:49:21
Some punctuation in the first bubble is missing or wrong, but it's not misleading.
"you are, aren't you?"

also the post button is off screen on mobile portrait mode and can't be scrolled to.
You expect anyone, esp baldspot to give a fuck LOL

goddamn i hate ppl who hate shit why cant we all just hold hands and sit under a tree and write a poem as rainbows sprout through the skies above us
badspots ap ervert2017-07-20 00:49:25
u make cartoon porn for a side income stream nigga what