Flamecannon2017-10-13 14:42:14
Jesus, the designs look nearly identical, the JUISIR is just rounder
Flamecannon2017-10-12 15:40:17
You had a quick typo for the Portal by Arubixs - "Well good thing 'it' the funding was flexible too, so he still gets to keep the money."

How about the Juicero?
Flamecannon2011-04-09 21:49:04
What are you guys talking about he's comparing the quantity of teeth to earwigs.
Flamecannon2010-09-20 21:53:22
the word of the day is ovulating
Flamecannon2010-06-27 20:40:23
When he's doing his "arm out" gesture he's trying to grab ahold of the ground and stop.
Flamecannon2010-06-20 00:16:21
*audience cheers*

Hey guys, we're about to play a song. Don't worry, we played this song on hard in this gutiar game, so it'll sound great!
Flamecannon2010-05-18 04:43:48
What's with her arm :
Flamecannon2010-05-18 02:05:18
Don't be shocked to find a bone in there or something.

Let's not forget we can melt chocolate and cheese too.