Bill Plympton Carrot Eye Stab
I made this from gif from a Bill Plympton short.
There is also the slower version, more suitable for a reaction image.

Blank2012-03-06 08:59:33
Eussorus2012-04-24 12:43:27
Oh god lol.
Eussorus2012-04-24 12:43:51
Is that you badspot when you see people annoying you?
Yin Yang2013-02-15 22:07:51
person 1: Carrots are good for your eyes!
person 2 puts carrots in eyes
person 2:YOU LIED TO ME
Guy2013-02-16 10:38:41
Carrots ARE good for your eyes, right?
Mr. Engino2013-02-23 12:10:00
i should use this as my picture for the blockland forums! =3

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