dUMBELLS2006-11-01 04:19:08
Spaceomega2006-11-01 04:33:00
So psyched; Good job, Badspot, good job.
SomeNoob2006-11-01 13:36:48
Heh,nice one.Good job.
2006-11-01 15:18:34
Thriiiilllleeeerrrr!!!! Thriiilleeerrr!!!!
Wedge2006-11-01 20:08:30
Best Blockland video ever.
Packer2006-11-02 02:49:11
lol Every one uses that MJ song for all the spooky stuff.
yuki2006-11-12 12:18:30
Jervan2007-01-03 19:35:19
Love the smoke effect!
James2007-01-24 17:27:30
nicea i seen that on youtube
i think
bisjac2007-03-06 07:04:27
i like when whats his face jets out of the grave.
so out of place, its awesome
Miga2007-05-24 17:37:04
I know Blood bath and Pload...
LOL at Michael Jackson's Thriller!
Luna Girl2007-08-25 03:15:04
Robohuman2007-08-27 02:25:02
Nice Badspot you ROCK!
(P.S. That was epic *****/*****)
Killroy2007-10-12 00:26:11
I Law'd so hard at that, you HAVE to finish the movie badspot :P
diddi2007-11-03 17:30:04
scary movie (blockland edition) .........
CONNOR112008-08-19 20:32:04
CONNOR112008-08-19 20:32:17
Green Blockhead2008-11-08 18:27:15
2 quotes from CONNOR11: THAT WAS COOL

Stop spamming THAT WAS COOL.
fred2009-01-23 01:53:38
kellan had something like this when i was over once
Lord Tony2009-02-16 17:52:47
I still wish we had arms and legs instead of floating limbs.
halo freak2009-02-25 12:41:32
please put sci-fi movie efects
Mazeribot2009-06-29 10:34:15
I agree with Lord Tony why cant we have arms and legs like there?
Mr.blue2009-07-02 04:12:51
Hey badspot Did you get my email?
Mr.blue2009-07-02 04:15:10
Badspot how do you be owner on sever? my email is [email protected] tell me k?
Mr.Blue2009-07-17 17:54:39
Left4Life2009-07-18 06:16:30
Lol P:
Mr.Blue2009-07-18 12:36:20
Epic! Love all your vid's but one quation how come you dont make one of blockland v12?
Mr.Blue2009-07-18 12:37:22
Epic! Love all your vid's but one quation how come you dont make one of blockland v12?
Light2009-07-28 21:16:44
Lol that was epic :D
GTF-11 Drio2009-08-27 22:49:59
That was awsome but how did you get the lego legs in the gam?and were you recording?And how crzy is ROTONDO?
yeah tHAT^
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:49:12
Lol that's th first time i've seen rotondo
ash772009-12-28 08:42:48
LOL! awesome :D XD
Lady_Cat2009-12-29 07:27:20
omg AWESOME i should try this >:D
bionic comando2010-03-22 18:36:01
yesh my name is suposed to have 1 m and thats funny
Agent Cookie2012-08-18 19:33:29
o3o ooo Thriller
kaspars2014-01-04 15:19:39

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