Actual Doaler2016-03-15 03:17:44
Actual Doaler2016-02-06 02:57:01
Um, Badspot...
I am sorry for the shitposting and faggotory additude on the fourms AND the BLHack incident. I was very angry at the time. I have regretted what I have done. I don't want to quit blockland. The game has alot of things that help me create things. Ever since I got revoked, I was first happy because I was mad, but then I lost motivation on my life and lost creativity. Without Blockland, I would've not made anything. The game is like a stress toy to me. Its like my little canvas for anything. So sorry for being a jackass to the community. I was just angry at the time because of the community going too far. I tried to rejoin out of solving the problem, but you banned me quickly before telling the truth. So please Baddy, sorry for the shit actions. I won't do it again. I deleted BLhack and shit, and I have regreted what I have done. Sorry.