Czar2021-02-19 07:07:59
"release an update with new bricks/weapons? it'll probably get the game back up to at least 100 players"

"Updates are so rare now and it'd be a fresh game with returning or maybe even new players"

"This game is basically dead."

Download some mods. Or some friends for that matter. That's what makes it fun. This game isn't dead, and won't be until the majority of its player-base stops saying it's dead under a false pretense that "60 players equals dead game lol" and the internet crumbles to ash as a whole. Seriously. I still see new players joining the fun and old players alike coming back to the game even if it's being overshadowed by the new and shiny Brickadia. I've been playing for a solid 5-6 years and don't think it will ""die"" anytime soon. I took a 3-year long break and came back with a majority of the player-count still standing strong. If you honestly believe Blockland is dead, you've got a genuine issue with how you perceive a NUMBER on a menu that is one click away every time you boot it up. Even at the crack of dawn I still see a handful of players, so I feel like people can genuinely settle down on the matter as a whole. Not to mention a now almost seven year-old article about a game where you build stuff.
Czar2021-02-19 06:54:35
It's the end of the world!