A player2020-04-25 19:01:21
Honestly, amazing game, I remember years ago when I watched my nephew play Blockland and I was just like, "wow I have to get this game one day!" Eventually I got it for my 10th birthday, and it was just such an amazing game, this game has given me so many good memories and dam sure did test my creativity as I made many things I won't ever forget. I don't see what kind of updates all of these people are expecting as the game is practically perfect, it's just sad it's not as active anymore. I stopped playing the game for about a year and a half but when I returned I just had such a big hit of nostalgia. I wish I still had all of the things that I created but addons, etc., only save locally so rip that, but I guess that's good as it will give me the chance to recreate some of the things I made as a child and possibly even more. :)