Styx Gamer2016-10-19 12:28:36
I don't mind that the game doesn't have any new updates. I keep to myself and mostly play on a password LAN server with my Brother and Cousins, so I don't get the drama... But this is very accurate.
Styx Gamer2016-10-18 17:52:27
I was sitting in class one day, and there was this bird beating it's head up against one of the windows. I'm pretty sure it didn't stop until he died.
Styx Gamer2016-10-18 17:50:04
^^^^ Too true, my friend.
Styx Gamer2016-10-17 22:35:18
I got this game in 2008/09 somewhere in there. I really got into it, and loved it!!! I've got so many good things I can say about this game, but not enough space. Thank you, Badspot, for making Blockland. You've inspired me to make my own game.
Styx Gamer2016-10-17 22:07:16
Nice! It's pretty challenging, but I'll figure it out.
Styx Gamer2016-10-17 22:01:12
Love it.