Jetz2015-10-16 17:47:21
StoreClerk? You're still alive?!
Jetz2015-09-30 04:16:33
That was 6 things. Or 11 if you count the missiles separately.
Jetz2015-05-26 20:14:30
Regarding the machinima, Blue team currently holds a massive lead in kill count -
You can add in the total kill counts of Agent Texas, who signed on with them temporarily, and Carolina, who is clearly wearing blue armor, and while the exact numbers may be a pain to compile, it'll definitely fall in favor of Blue team.

Bonus category: The word "Blue" appears 23 times in this article, while "Red" appears 30 times. A clear victory for team Red.
Jetz2014-06-21 06:30:16
It appears the "Development" section is cut off mid-sentence.
Jetz2012-01-21 17:05:30
Why are so many people filled with grape jelly?
Jetz2011-04-26 00:44:56
Quick! Which one of these isn't a turret?
Jetz2011-03-23 01:51:02
5 4 3 2 1 WTF SPOON

Nice one.

A watermelon?
Jetz2011-03-11 17:22:56
I also asked in that comic why Shepard doesn't wear shoes. That floor must feel cold. Would it be worth spending five thousand tons of Element Zero to install a carpet?
Jetz2011-02-16 03:15:18
Why isn't Shepard wearing shoes?
Jetz2011-02-08 03:17:57
Well, I'm off to register "Napalm Douche" on Age of Time.
Jetz2010-10-12 12:15:01
Clicking "Back to Gallery" leads to a nonexistent page.
Jetz2010-06-14 00:29:31
Is she not wearing shoes?
Jetz2010-06-08 04:59:23
Harbinger will be needing a new body to possess.
Jetz2008-09-19 02:30:23
Do a barell roll.
Jetz2008-11-07 22:36:35
He means a newer version of the Torque engine. Also, Java is not a good engine for a 3D game, and furthermore, Torque is not one of the best. Have a look at the Havok and Unreal engines.