Admin wand tennis in the Blockland Beta.

Leo2006-10-14 07:28:21
Realy nice.Can't wait to finaly play it.
Kaphix2006-10-16 20:35:33
Insanerperson2006-10-16 21:57:26
... God damn badspot, you are removing my hatred of blockland!
Kaphix2006-10-16 22:02:59
Why the hell do you hate blockland?
Badspot2006-10-16 22:15:54
[i]Why the hell do you hate blockland?[/i]

Probably because of all the noob storm/mod wars/forum spam/ego trip/internet argument/etc bullshit that goes on a daily basis. Hopefully the percentage of that stuff will be reduced.
Otis Da HousKat2006-10-17 14:29:59
Looks great.
Squeaky2006-10-23 09:11:57
I still think the heads should be round (there blockheads lol) But still looks great, The lighting is awesome!, Will u remake the skis, they were so fun!
Fearless2006-11-10 23:49:11
Love IT, I agree with Squeky though

But I think theres legal reason's is why
tay1042006-11-11 05:03:06
Eric Hartman you deserve a bigass cookie...and a large salary.
yuki2006-11-12 12:22:17
Jervan2006-12-22 09:37:30
Nice, I cant wait to get rid of EW.
Chilli2007-01-13 08:50:44
uh... its not playing...
Chilli2007-01-13 08:53:11
look if you could ad alot more features to retail blockland i MIGHT just play it id give you a list but it would be to big
Badspot2007-01-14 07:59:20
If you don't play it I will kick your dog.
James2007-01-26 20:44:37
im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gonna get blockland retail its got features now :D
Kheyre2007-02-06 07:38:35
I wish i could get retail, badspot do you want most of the people to leave for ever, dont make it retail :D
swede2007-09-19 23:35:36
lol i bought it and waited a month because it was a mail order.
i wish it wasant retail so it wouldent take so damn long to get. if you dont have paypal
Badspot2007-09-20 22:40:48
You don't actually need paypal, you can just use a credit card.
Insanerperson2007-10-25 16:56:14
Look I hated blockland because of its fanbase and how it looked sorta crappy, but now it doesnt look crappy and the fanbase isnt bad, in fact I abandoned AoT for it.
jim1202008-02-09 12:04:41
i think blockland is one of the best games out here and i think it will only get better and better.
Batspot 2008-07-14 12:24:47
Radial5432008-08-07 17:12:32
Oh lord to the Bat cave!
Sankuro2008-11-06 21:21:10

2008-11-06 21:22:40
"[i]I wish i could get retail, badspot do you want most of the people to leave for ever, dont make it retail :D[/i]"

Its not that hard to get $20. :P
^^is sankuro2008-11-06 21:23:16
reed mai name
Sankuro2008-11-12 01:11:50
[i]"I WANT A COOKIE"[/i]

well ok heres your cookie bai bai :cookie:
Jungle Ranger2009-01-28 22:55:16
Hey Badspot
It so is that the BL players are diffrent (as your know) in V10,
Wondering when v11 is coming out. PLEASE give us an accual date for release
LewnaJa2009-02-10 00:20:31
Wow, in v11 we ACTUALY HAVE LEGS?! lol :D
a guy2009-02-10 03:43:58
Woah! What's with there Feet? Looks, Weird... Old version?
Nicro2009-02-14 02:01:50
Release date? for v11...
Lord Tony2009-02-16 17:47:41
Sorry to burst your bubble but the first comment for this was in 2006 it's there will be no update to legs and arms in V11.
halo freak2009-02-28 02:36:45
whay =(
MetalMario2009-03-14 18:43:01
Badspot give us a release date!!! Its driving us INSANE o_o
Jimmg2009-03-15 21:10:38
God Damn you guys are dumb asses. This won't be in v11
JOE2009-04-26 15:52:18
TheChaosCarrier2009-06-22 08:25:21
I agree with Jimmg.
Mazeribot2009-06-29 09:00:59
That Guy that said I WANT COOKIE was batspot -_- not badspot... hey bat you dont get one >:D
Mr.blue2009-07-02 04:17:26
Hey That was narlee

When are you going to make a movie of v12?
gummy bear2009-07-04 02:00:21
I love block land it is so fun
gummy bear 2009-07-04 02:00:43
i like the props
gummy bear 2009-07-04 02:01:32
ppl uild good
gummy bear2009-07-04 02:02:35
want a burger any one
gummy bear2009-07-04 02:02:49
???2009-07-04 02:04:14
oh my god this is so fun to play on pardise
Chaos Chao2009-07-16 20:08:39
Hey Gummy bear The Props is a secret! lol! that was a good one!!!
2009-08-28 00:43:51
2009-09-03 18:51:58
it fucking sucks,the very fact that i like blockland soo much and wanna be part of the deveopement team ,that it haunts me to know this game probably wont exist by the time im old enough to do so,stupid age laws.. f**ing 5 years till im 18 goddamn it
laynedel^ BLID:119402009-09-03 18:52:59
thats my mesage
those boxy legs ARE AWESHUMS2009-09-03 18:54:14
also me above sorry.BRING BACK THE BOXYLEGS
jimbob2010-02-21 07:33:56
was that another person acting as the birdie?
Sephiroth2010-03-08 22:38:18
Good thing the figures don't look gay.
joekirk2010-04-03 21:04:12
i laughed out loud.
Metaknight2010-06-03 00:25:46
its old now. it looked fun though. you should make kit a deafault load. is it one i dont know i dont get admin much.
Conan2010-06-26 19:09:24
We need a tennis racket mod.
Homfrog2010-08-15 00:11:03
Tennis racket mod FTW!
FUCK2012-05-29 18:29:38
How do you become members for free/LOL FROM FUCK
FuckBass2012-06-06 23:38:13
Agent Cookie2012-08-18 19:36:59
OnO Rotondo O-O
counter2012-09-04 03:01:07
version twenty-one is out. :(
Dameon2012-10-01 18:49:34
damn beta looked fun i miss bedroom and kitchen though
Dameon2012-10-01 18:50:41
and mocheeze was still here too its good to see a vid of him since he is gone now :,c
AwesomeKat [Caile] (BOY)2012-12-23 22:33:25
I have the playertype!
Kolin2013-02-10 02:57:32
Already bought blockland, can't host. :(
Kolin2013-02-10 02:59:24
Put Beta Player back, me want it so bad...!
Gabukas2014-01-24 17:17:03

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