w2017-12-16 16:16:40
oh this is still a thing
w2017-06-27 12:38:55
you must break into cloudflare's studio/hq/place they reside in and take back the almighty blockland forums
w2017-06-26 15:45:13
did anyone else think blf was being ddos'd initially
w2017-06-26 11:24:45
good new forum
W2011-02-07 14:10:36
Hey, she can gigglepounce me anytime she wants to ... I'll ... uh, I'll avoid the other for now, I think.
W2011-01-01 17:17:29
I got those genes from your side of the family, mom.
W2010-12-31 13:07:39
I suspect he's taunting you ... he likes it, most action he got all game and you, his ragdoll of love.
W2010-12-07 08:42:30
Yeah, never found Samara attractive, and Tali was my ME series crush, so it was even more painful when you couldn't femmance her.
W2010-12-04 18:22:56
Ah, man, I didn't get to fem romance Miranda! I did, however, get a sleazy one night stand with my ensign, so it isn't all bad.
W2010-12-02 14:37:52
It did ... and I have to say that is a serious coppout. If you're going to write the comic, be a little open to criticism. Not everyone who read it was whining.
W2010-11-28 16:17:52
Real women are messy and have hair in all the wrong places. That is the glory of anime, you never have to worry about your women having failties of the flesh.
W2010-11-08 03:28:44
Only problem here is the brunette wouldn't have given the homeless man anything but bad advice anyway, so he still would have died ... probably of cancer. And 41 cents wouldn't have been enough to buy that homeless guy a night in a drug house, so he'd still have died, just as sober. (used to be 41 cents could at last get you a residue snort, but prices they are a-rising)

I think the real lesson here is save your money in case you ever get cancer and need to pay the doctor bills; or so you won't run out of cash and end up on the street.
W2010-10-16 20:18:54
There wasn't enough disgust or disappointment in the checkout girl's voice here.

Typically I tell them that cancer is doing just fine without them researching ways to make more.
W2010-10-14 06:10:48
And here I thought that was a zit.
W2010-10-12 05:05:29
Killing spiders in your house is bad luck - should have just thrown it out of doors.
W2010-09-28 17:52:40
And that's a cute dress for a neonazi.
W2010-09-28 17:51:47
I don't believe the Cancer Holocaust ever happened - propaganda.
W2010-09-22 07:24:07
Man, now I really want to see that missing panel.
W2010-09-15 18:46:48
All words were made up by *someone*, I just cornered the market on this one.
W2010-09-15 18:44:38
Sweet, we've progressed all the way to "yo momma" jokes! I've got this one: Yo momma is so fat she's probably diabetic and will forget to take her insulin and then they'll have to cut her feet off ... and she'll go blind and probably end up in a coma ... because she's soo fat!!
W2010-09-14 14:04:14
She has to be a very self confident woman - I always wondered how she could stand walking around in that getup. And she is very shiny in this picture ... like that Ghost in the Shell blow up doll I saw on Jlist.
W2010-09-13 21:10:30
Man, Thomas that excuse makes no sense whatsoever. Obviously the kid had some deep seated obsession with hospital video games ... and perhaps porn ... and this led him into a downward spiral of hopelessness and erotodepression that could only be solved by a toaster, a handgun, a bathtub full of water and a chipmunk. You know, the more I think about it, the more disturbing this comic becomes.
W2010-09-12 19:50:01
So, the kid committed suicide because his mom wouldn't let him play the game? That's hard core!
W2010-09-12 19:48:12
Hey! I was at PAX! Did you see "Of Dice and Men"? Awesome damned play, gamers everywhere wept in joy.
W2010-09-03 05:12:34
Yeah, that's why baby hunting for sport is such a bother - the mothers have a nagging instinct that will drive you insane.
W2010-08-29 18:04:48
Oh my god!! I was lied to in sex ed.!
W2010-08-29 18:03:49
S000 ... maybe we should have some kind of check to keep the 12 and under crowd from posting here? Not that the above post wasn't terribly enlightening.
W2010-08-23 19:46:49
Ah ... and here I was hoping she'd show her first ... ehem, hand.
W2010-08-17 17:42:54
Husbands of these women? You mean to suggest they're not lesbians? If I believed you I would be terribly disappointed.
W2010-08-16 18:02:21
We are, of course, talking sexing beatings here - right? Because the other kind make too much of a mess.
W2010-08-16 18:01:09
So, the question is, which one is going to do the beating and which is going to be beaten? I take the blond for the bottom girl, but you never know. Either way, this needs to be drawn.
W2010-07-27 10:23:06
I like the second panel, the brunette doesn't even seem to hesitate handing over the gun.
W2010-07-11 16:28:47
Oh god, I'm so scared! How do I act normally, how do I act normally!!?
W2010-06-28 05:51:30
I am having trouble deciding which of the last two panels is better. In one we have Hitler looking like a Weeble Wobble rolling over stick people, on the other hand we have two hot women lounging around in their underwear ... oh, decisions, decisions ....
W2010-06-22 05:16:26
I remember those old choose-your-own-adventure books, they were awesome. I always read the optional results whether I picked them or not ... I'm a bit of a completionist that way.
W2010-06-09 20:15:52
That's kind of where I'd been hoping to go with the mission.
W2010-06-05 09:03:16
Well, at least you had Kelly to try and cheer you up - though your little one night stand with her felt kind of dirty; Kelly's a bit of a freak. (and I may be a murderer, but I don't objectify the women I swoon over - I fealt like I might as well have picked her up in a bar)
W2010-06-05 09:00:33
I was just glad I got there in time to save Kelly ... I'd have been devastated if my only chance for girl girl love was melted in an alien ship.