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Nothing like a crude joke that you probably have to consult wikipedia to get.

Word of the Day

Panel 1
Ms.Reason: I'm not sure everyone would appreciate that sort of vocabulary lesson
Ms.Fun: Nonsense, it's all in good fun.
Ms.Fun: The kind of fun where I always win! Here I go!

Panel 2
Ms.Fun: Hey there little lady...
Ms.Fun: Ten bucks says I can tell if you're ovulating

Panel 3
Ms.Fun: You can't give me a word of the day like 'spinnbarkeit' and expect me not to win bar bets with it

chris2010-09-20 21:00:31
... ewwwww

also ^_^
chris2010-09-20 21:01:01
oh yea FIRST
Second man2010-09-20 21:38:44
Shadowed 999 is second man2010-09-20 21:39:58
Oh god typed the wrong thing.:D
Flamecannon2010-09-20 21:53:22
the word of the day is ovulating
Namg2010-09-20 22:22:26
I wonder what Ovulating means.
Brandon2010-09-21 02:00:27
I'll bet that trick works on asari. You should draw pictures of asari and do other Mass Effect stuff while you're at it.
General Nick2010-09-21 21:54:38
W2010-09-22 11:24:07
Man, now I really want to see that missing panel.
Magpie2010-12-05 21:33:37
OOOOOOH That's why that happens.....YAY Learning!
2010-12-10 15:47:51
Oh mah GAWD. That's hilarious! I love your comics. Make more.

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