Haunting Ground Fiona Ball Kick
In the PS2 game Haunting Ground, I kicked a man in the balls thousands of times to no effect.

Bloody Mary2010-12-30 06:10:21
I have never heard of this game, but I'm strangely intrigued.

I also love the non-comic updates.
I suggest you do more.
Name2010-12-30 23:33:48
Clearly he has BALLS OF STEEL
:D2010-12-31 08:31:43
:D :D :D
W2010-12-31 18:07:39
I suspect he's taunting you ... he likes it, most action he got all game and you, his ragdoll of love.
Bloody Mary2011-01-01 01:33:01
W, you're a moron.
W2011-01-01 22:17:29
I got those genes from your side of the family, mom.
strong enough to stand up to that kind of beating ? i geuss he must have "puts on glasses" balls of steel

Erythros2011-01-03 07:44:59

If he has balls of steel, then why does he cringe after he gets kicked?
Hieronymous Cowherd2011-01-03 07:55:48
... well, there was a nasty clipping effect. But he seems to bounce right back.
Name2011-01-04 08:54:13

if you look she kicked both his balls and the area that separates his BALLS OF PURE STEEL, he is cringing because the area of separation sadly did not receive the same treatment as his BALLS OF THE FINEST STEEL
2011-01-05 17:35:08
''APPLAUSE'' ''oooooooo'' ''APPLAUSE''
Almost Pure2011-01-08 15:32:19
Let me in your womb!!! (if you played the game you know this phrase.)
Riccardo2011-01-11 04:22:55
Let me into your womb, Fiona! D<
Aceqwerty2011-01-23 08:48:10
This game was the shit back in the day.
O' Wolf2011-02-20 23:46:27
I'm not sure what I should question first, the fact the kicking him in the balls has no affect or that he's naked.
Tubal2011-02-28 15:17:15
The tempo of the kicking matches up almost perfectly with the song Destroy Everything You Touch (Ladytron).
Captain-Wolf (aka WOLFPACK2)2011-03-30 20:11:32
maybe that's a bald woman...?
mario12011-03-31 00:45:55
ok that just looks wrong
Swat2011-05-20 12:15:56
Ooooo that kick is hurt!
Swat2011-05-21 00:27:56
Whats that behind the woman its statue of a ghost
Brickbot2011-06-22 20:40:29
My balls.
?!!?!?!?!?!??!!??!!?!?!? man2012-08-15 06:05:08
ok wat am i looking at?

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