PAX Comic
All I'm saying here is that Child's Play, as an entity, murders children.

A Little Too Charitable

Panel 1
Mom: Time to go home, Jimmy. You're all better now!
Jimmy: But mom! I need to finish this level!
[Jimmy is playing a DS donated by Child's Play]
Mom: Come on now, you can't stay in the hospital forever.

Panel 2
Jimmy: Mom! I feel sick. I need to go back to the hospital
Mom: Now Jimmy, don't make up stories. You've got plenty of toys here at home.

Panel 3
[Jimmy is dead]

Hydros2010-09-12 13:44:38

Also I forgot the password to my email and my account on the forums.

Expect me to register in like 3 months or so with the username "Hydro".

I can't register any time sooner because I have stuff to do in school and I dont have free time.
Anonymous2010-09-12 16:33:54
How sad... The parent is common senseless...
W2010-09-12 19:48:12
Hey! I was at PAX! Did you see "Of Dice and Men"? Awesome damned play, gamers everywhere wept in joy.
W2010-09-12 19:50:01
So, the kid committed suicide because his mom wouldn't let him play the game? That's hard core!
Thomas642010-09-13 13:07:18
Hi all at the Blockland forums!
And no, the kid died because he was sick and his parents wouldn't take him to the hospital.
Mr.E2010-09-13 16:53:43
his mother must be retarded if she didnt realize that he was really still "sick" .
W2010-09-13 21:10:30
Man, Thomas that excuse makes no sense whatsoever. Obviously the kid had some deep seated obsession with hospital video games ... and perhaps porn ... and this led him into a downward spiral of hopelessness and erotodepression that could only be solved by a toaster, a handgun, a bathtub full of water and a chipmunk. You know, the more I think about it, the more disturbing this comic becomes.
CaptainCrazy2010-09-13 22:22:04

Comr4de2010-09-14 11:40:04
Erotodepression is now my new favorite word
.Aeris.2010-09-14 22:12:24
Lol erotodepression
Night Fox2010-09-15 17:43:19
Lol'd at "erotodepression".
JamestheLeet2010-09-15 18:01:55
So "erotodepression" is a made up word?
W2010-09-15 18:46:48
All words were made up by *someone*, I just cornered the market on this one.
Shadowed9992010-09-15 22:47:16
Laughed then cryed.
Supreme Guy2010-09-17 01:45:24
Oh my.
Namg2010-09-17 14:16:15
Nick123q23q2011-05-25 15:46:31
So, Jimmy plays gamez at hostpital,den jimmeh dies becuase his mom thinks he whats to go back to play games. How sad (No really This is sad :(
Mady022011-07-18 19:31:40 sad and she is DUMB
YourBuddyBill2013-02-10 08:10:49
The worst part is, you know this has happened somewhere.
Nigga above has swag2013-07-23 10:52:00

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