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A magazine article listing "50 sex tricks" is expected to present little known techniques for making sex more enjoyable. The second panel sets up the expectation that trick number one involves some kind erotic use of the hands. Panel three reveals that it is merely a cheap parlor trick implausibly adapted to the genitals. That is the joke.

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Panel 1
Ms.ShowMe: What're you reading? 50 sex tricks?! Hah, show me some!
Ms.Read: Ah.. it's not really that great of an article
Ms.ShowMe: Come on! Just show me the first one

Panel 2
Ms.Read: *Sigh* ok... You know the ol' disconnecting thumb trick?
Ms.ShowMe: Yeah

Panel 3
Ms.Read: Like that, only with a penis

Endgame2010-08-22 04:33:49
I lol'd.
Userid554412010-08-22 06:43:11
hilarious keep it up
SEXY moriarty the jokester2010-08-22 09:01:40
also im just joking
Robo Noob2010-08-22 11:46:29
hi niggers
LewnaJa2010-08-22 12:25:26
I wish i could do that but i dont have a penis
Muzzles562010-08-22 12:25:49
Hilarious as always
Tezuni2010-08-22 15:28:13
It's times like this when I wish I had a dick.
fa2010-08-22 15:40:39
Joker Card2010-08-22 21:05:12
AudioSquid2010-08-22 21:32:29
i still don't get it
W2010-08-23 23:46:49
Ah ... and here I was hoping she'd show her first ... ehem, hand.
Penguin/Person2010-08-24 06:29:08
The ol thumb trick uses two thumbs doesn't it? So, for this, you would need to penises. Lucky for me I have 3 :)
Metal2010-08-25 08:26:12
Oh gee. Ain't that sexy?
shut the fuck up2010-08-29 01:51:38
Lol, look at all you queers who love to jerk off to Baddies drawings.
W2010-08-29 22:03:49
S000 ... maybe we should have some kind of check to keep the 12 and under crowd from posting here? Not that the above post wasn't terribly enlightening.
Shadowed9992010-09-07 17:52:37
"Gets it on with one"

mrice2010-09-26 22:07:37
you are assuming the twelve and under crowd are incapable of lying about there age ?
Bilbo2011-01-12 15:18:07
Have a nice day everyone.... unless your dicks fall off....
Eli2011-01-20 05:37:04
Hmmmm wow i actually would like to see that...not trying to be perverted but i think itwould be interesting
Agent Washingtub2011-01-24 20:30:11
Bow Chicka Bow..... Woah..... Nevermind
2011-04-20 01:03:14
I find it interesting that some people still like impersonating me even though their IP addresses show up on their posts. Quite sad if you ask me. Go play the new game called outside, children.
Mady022011-07-18 23:28:35
penis?...A PENIS...made in blockland is a penis bUTTON
Bwopper2014-07-24 17:10:53
The girl asking about the sex tricks must be virgin, because there are no tricks.

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