Comic Phone Call
We've all been there, am I right?

Phone Call

Panel 1
Ms.Phone: Look miss, I'm sorry. But you can easily make another one!

Panel 2
Ms.Phone: Fine then! I'll make you another one! And I won't cry about it at all!

Panel 3
Ms.Worried: Jeez, what was that about?
Ms.Phone: Pfff, I killed some woman's baby.

modman2010-09-02 21:12:00
fa2010-09-02 21:14:00
the masturbator2010-09-02 21:21:40
Har har.
Proogles2010-09-02 23:37:32
Oh my, this is a good one.
Sirrus2010-09-03 00:19:12
I'd help her with that.
General Nick2010-09-03 04:42:03
Epic Sax Man approves.
W2010-09-03 09:12:34
Yeah, that's why baby hunting for sport is such a bother - the mothers have a nagging instinct that will drive you insane.
Lordy Lord2010-09-03 23:44:10
Saw the pun when I read the first panel. Still hilarious though.
JamestheLeet2010-09-04 23:28:28
I can't stop laughing!
This is extremely funny.
JamestheLeet2010-09-04 23:29:33
I can't stop laughing at this!
Its hilarious!
Tc5722010-09-06 23:49:06
Hey Badspot, would you please stop banning me from the forums?
SeventhSandwich2010-09-07 00:01:26
Best admin evar
Kalphiter2010-09-08 01:38:03
Hey, Tc572, would you please stop being stupid and maybe you won't get banned.
Pi2010-09-08 03:19:36
Lol. Why does Ms.Phone have white pupils?
Anonymous2011-01-17 19:45:21
Nice name.....
Anonymous2011-01-17 19:45:58
ontopic: Lol.
2011-03-17 21:50:00
I find this super entertaining.
Bwopper2014-07-24 17:14:54
"You can easily make another one!" I shit bricks because I knew then it would be about a baby death.

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