Mass Effect Comic Cycle
GOTO Panel 1

Mass Effect Comic 'Cycle'

Panel 1
[Shepard wakes up in a medical facility]
Miranda: You were dead, Shepard. Exposed to the vacuum of space. Cerberus spent two years and billions of credits to bring you back. I hope it was worth it.
Shepard: Ugh. Let's get to work

Panel 2
[Shepard is on the Normandy]
Shepard: What's this area of the ship?
EDI: This is the CIC deck. It contains the bridge, navigational array, sensor controls and the forward airlock.
Shepard: What's through this do-

Panel 3
SFX: Fwooosh (air rushing noise)
[Shepard is ejected out of the airlock]

Sandvich2010-06-12 15:39:59
Onyx2010-06-12 15:42:56
badspot now makes me2 comics for a living
Gamergal 2010-06-12 16:38:01
hahaha I love your comics.
Schopenhauer2010-06-12 18:32:14
God, that made me laugh!

Keep up the good work!
AT2010-06-12 21:48:17
I couldn't.
Cybertails19982010-06-13 10:47:04
Oh god lol.
Poor Shepard.
Kapturrith2010-06-13 11:35:22
I kept repeating the comic because it told me to go to Panel 1!
And because it's hilarious.
Dippindots2010-06-13 13:03:03
Looks real great.
Jetz2010-06-13 20:29:31
Is she not wearing shoes?
Kasumimi2010-06-15 20:38:54
Such great sense of humor :)
ILIAz2010-06-16 08:42:37
Fem Shepard in see-through nightie i have an awkward feeling , but i cannot think about it right now i am laughing ;) great job !!!
W2010-06-22 05:16:26
I remember those old choose-your-own-adventure books, they were awesome. I always read the optional results whether I picked them or not ... I'm a bit of a completionist that way.
Darren2010-06-23 11:20:21
Bob2010-06-25 03:39:19
Must be the real reason it took two years.

"That was the third Shepard we lost. Retrieve whats left and try again."
Reko2010-08-08 18:58:12
Ha! Looks like her breast is talking!
pessimist2010-10-19 21:15:13
funny, except Shepard is a guy
The Dude2010-10-20 11:19:43
Why make them so hot if you're not going to get them naked?? WHY GOD?
Dave2010-12-13 07:27:46
Cracking tits.
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 16:08:25
Miranda:Not again! That's another 600 000 000 000 000 credits. Why do we even bother?
cap.2011-01-14 13:19:36
hey pessimist, you can choose wether to be male or female in the game.
quevim2011-03-07 11:10:50
...and somehow no matter how you customize her the Fem Shep is always so much better looking. Heck, to appreciate how much better looking Fem Shep is you don't even need to be physically attracted to that amazingly sculpted ass gyrating around in front of your 3rd-person camera for 100+ hours. It certainly helps, though :)
Liriuscat2011-08-20 18:32:11
Lolz2011-09-20 03:45:42
Lol! Any chance we could see a fourth panel of Miranda's expression? I feel like that rageface would be too awesome for words. XD
Siren2011-11-08 00:56:49
Holy hades this made me LOL. Thanks! Love your ME comics.
Kachie2011-12-25 23:58:01
xD Blond Shep is Blond. And barefooted... why is she barefooted?
dany2012-01-14 12:29:20
No big deal,in 2 years shell be back =))) very nice comics
Guilty_Bystander2012-02-08 05:33:52
I don't know why I (or anyone else) hasn't thought to request this before, but could we see panel #1 in the artwork section?

Thank you as always!
Badspot2012-02-26 22:35:16
>could we see panel #1 in the artwork section?

I've put it up here

The flaws in the image have become more apparent over time and they're really starting to bother me, so I'm not putting it in the gallery.
Guilty_Bystander2012-02-27 05:09:18
Hm, looking for flaws...

Well, she's not nude, but I can't find anything else. Thank you kindly!
Javik2012-04-25 02:52:18
Throw yourself out the airlock, Commander.
DAVON2012-07-04 23:47:35
Hagz2013-02-10 06:43:07
Critical Mission Failure

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