Mass Effect Comic Vanguard of Seduction
Tragically, Morinth is very common name among Asari.

Mass Effect Comic 'Vanguard of Seduction'

Panel 1
Samara: Thank you for coming, Shepard. I have been tracking Morinth for 400 years. Now she is cornered and I need your feminine wiles to lure her out.
Shepard: Hah.. no problem
Shepard: What's the plan?

Panel 2
Samara: You must let her seduce you. When she is in her lair with you, she will be momentarily vulnerable. That is when I will strike.
Samara: She is attracted to strong personalities like yours. Just be yourself and I'm sure You'll do fine.
Shepard: Be myself
Shepard: Got it.

Panel 3
Morinth: Hi there [heart] I'm Morinth. I noticed-
[Morinth is interrupted by Shepard shooting her]

Spock2010-06-05 18:46:16
I lol'd
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I lol'd
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Snaffle J. Bean2010-06-05 19:05:08
I posted the same comment over and over'd
I Spock2010-06-05 19:50:52
Sebster 1052010-06-05 20:18:53
C-c-combo breaker

Also keep doing these, they're awesome.
Sebster 1052010-06-05 20:59:03
I lol'd
Tingalz2010-06-05 21:01:27
Why isn't shepard wearing her armor?
Otis Da HousKat2010-06-05 21:17:53

In this mission you wear your casual clothes inside the club when attempting to get Morinth to notice you.
Max43442010-06-05 21:18:14
I lol'd too
Moybus2010-06-05 21:46:43
Lol'd I.
Chencheya2010-06-05 21:50:38
Easiest loyalty mission ever!
Tater2010-06-06 02:55:09
Just because you can't do chains on the Blockland forums doesn't mean he wants it here :U
Narkro2010-06-06 05:18:58

Keep doing these
macfagspock2010-06-06 08:28:58
I lol'd
Test user2010-06-06 16:05:28
test comment
comr4de2010-06-06 18:14:15
AT2010-06-06 18:52:39
Easiest mission EVAR
And I lol'd
Killermushy2010-06-07 23:19:27
I lol'd
PJ Boy2010-06-08 00:20:54
THIS is funny.
Xoax2010-06-08 04:12:43
These are becoming more and more common, maybe Baddy will have a regular webcomic now. :o
A,K,A2010-06-08 17:54:00
That would have been the perfect ending to the mission.
A,K,A2010-06-08 17:54:33
That would have been the perfect ending to the mission.
W2010-06-10 00:15:52
That's kind of where I'd been hoping to go with the mission.
dork of dorkos2010-06-13 01:12:11
So freaking funny! keep up the good work
lol2010-06-13 09:31:36
I Spock'd.
Uzu2010-06-19 23:38:45
That would make things so much easier
Bubbly 2010-06-26 16:02:27
I thought you couldn't bring a gun?
oh well, Shepard ALWAYS cheats XD
Bubbly 2010-06-26 16:02:45
I thought you couldn't bring a gun?
oh well, Shepard ALWAYS cheats XD
Douge2010-06-27 09:17:21
Keep up the good work! hahahahaaha!
Del2010-06-28 02:01:43
I lol'd :D
Irishlad2010-07-21 19:15:47
I'm commander Shepard and this is my favorate comic!
Longor2010-07-28 18:04:59
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Lol2010-08-14 10:24:42
I Spock'd
I Lol'd2010-08-30 00:55:40
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Plant2010-09-01 01:24:16


What the fuck is mass effect?
Shadowed9992010-09-07 17:39:34
At first i was like "WTW badspot makes lesbian comics?" then i was like "LOL she got owned!"
Yoda2010-09-10 07:55:08
Loling i did
Skreeran2010-10-22 02:11:36
l IoI'd.
I lol'd2010-11-15 21:07:38
I lol'd
I lol'd2010-11-25 21:48:49
I lol'd
aWanderingJedi2010-12-08 14:58:00
Hey, Samara said 'be yourself'! What did you expect?
Borno2010-12-17 17:25:38
"BLAM" is perhaps the single best punchline I've ever heard!
masseffectgirl2010-12-30 03:20:14
well she did say ''be yourself.''
Agent Washingtub2011-01-24 20:12:30
Easiest loyalty mission ever....of all time
Eli2011-02-01 06:04:59
I didnt understand why we couldnt just unload a clip into her face....but ehh it was different from the other missions
NT1217842011-02-19 16:52:57
Thats how it woldve gone with me too
quevim2011-03-07 16:26:57
During the loyalty mission you're told she's such a powerful biotic that she's nigh untouchable, hence the elaborate ruse to take her down. I totally bought into it, too, so I was disappointed as f*** when I managed to get her on my team and her biotics were no more powerful than say Jack or MyShep's. Oh well, lesbian psychic mind rape and asari in body suits are sufficient payoff for the mission.
ROFLMFAO2011-04-10 05:03:24
See "Name"
Seriously2011-05-01 02:41:17
2011-06-08 03:48:34
Even better idea. "So Aria, I need to like bomb a part of your I see"... Boom. "I need to go now"
dartigen2011-08-29 12:49:31
Garrus. Sniper rifle. Balcony. Get Morinth out into a back alley. Boom headshot. Mission accomplished. Never saw it coming.

What annoyed me was how Shepard JUST FREAKIN' SAT THERE WHILE SAMARA AND MORINTH WERE FIGHTING. The whole time I'm like 'do something, Shepard! Where is your mad Marine Kung Fu? Where are your insane Vanguard skillz? DO SOMETHING!'
dany2012-01-14 17:30:14
ZUUL2012-01-15 14:03:18
Ha! Shame this isn't a Renegade option...
lol2012-04-09 12:53:21
i spok'd
jjp32462012-05-01 20:37:33
Every2013-12-01 12:32:00
Grif2015-03-30 03:22:46
i lol'd

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