Mass Effect Comic Worn Down and Dirty
Shepard is of course referring to the OSHA compliant high traction coating applied to Miranda's crotch the floor.

Miranda's backup plan was to throw a tantrum and threaten to "not be loyal any more".

Mass Effect Comic 'Worn Down and Dirty'

Panel 1
Miranda: I've cleared the engine room, Shepard. I'll see you there in 5 minutes
Shepard: Miranda, I've been shot at least a dozen times today. I think my body might be 50% medigel. Do you really think I want to roll around on some greasy jagget metal floor just to have PG-13 "sex" with you?

Panel 2
Miranda: Um... Yes?

Panel 3
Miranda: Wheeee!
Shepard: Argh! It's like sandpaper!

Bloody Mary2010-12-04 07:56:50
I like the lesbian parts.
Which is the entire comic.
2010-12-04 11:00:39
Best Mass Effct comic ever.
SeventhSandwich2010-12-04 18:10:44
LilRobot2010-12-04 18:11:12
Hell yes.
Brandon2010-12-04 19:02:21
Whoo! If you kept this up, you could easily surpass Penny Arcade some day.
Francis2010-12-04 21:12:46
Wheeeee! X)
Joseph2010-12-04 22:02:26
The "Wheee!" got me. Just got me. I think I tore something inside laughing.
Durandan2010-12-04 22:11:50
Awww, the look on Miranda's face in the second panel. "Wheeee!"? Terrific.
W2010-12-04 23:22:56
Ah, man, I didn't get to fem romance Miranda! I did, however, get a sleazy one night stand with my ensign, so it isn't all bad.
Badspot2010-12-05 00:24:52
>I didn't get to fem romance Miranda!

Yeah, you pretty much can't without editing the configuration files. You can't lez out with Jack or Tali either (despite Jack stating that she goes both ways and Tali being quite flirtatious).

Your only girl-on-girl options are Kelly, bitter sweet sexual tension with Samara and being mind-raped to death by Morinth.
Bob2010-12-05 00:25:37
Best comic evar. ^_^
Guyver942010-12-05 01:15:38
can you do this in the game?
dash-of-balder2010-12-05 02:16:20
Awwwh, poor Miranda! XD I actually really like her character overall, but she and MyShep would've had a few confrontations before finally settling into a friendship.

Or this. Preferably in Shep's quarters though, ahah. I always thought the engine room was a bit... conspicuous. Exhibitionist much, Miranda? ;)
Mr.Interceptor2010-12-05 05:29:05
2nd panel, cameltoe ahoy.
Oasis2010-12-05 19:22:58
Ultimate sarcasm followed up with sexual intercourses.

Funny shit right there folks.
JackhammerGR2010-12-06 12:00:29
2nd panel! Miranda does a puppy face! I really like Miranda!
-Pablo-2010-12-06 20:48:04
It's like sandpaper!
Onyx2010-12-06 22:02:20
mass effect fan comics: degeneration
Metal2010-12-07 09:28:50
It's like sandpaper? OH GOD.
W2010-12-07 13:42:30
Yeah, never found Samara attractive, and Tali was my ME series crush, so it was even more painful when you couldn't femmance her.
JG2010-12-13 01:57:54
Amo estos comics. <3
Question Mark2010-12-16 05:25:21
If I don't speak English, how would I know to type some incomprehensible gibberish in the comments? Or maybe it is some reverse psychology trick to make us English speaking people type gibberish!

I'm on to you...
Shadowed9992010-12-19 17:22:46
Gig Giggity
kaylee2010-12-22 18:11:26
Voc pediu, aqui est...
Dippindots2011-01-08 03:23:31
I find Miranda to be pretty ugly
Eli2011-01-20 05:32:26
lol I like the WEEEE part great job
Jo2011-01-20 22:40:08
I love the Dry-humping blur effect.
Made Nightwing2011-01-28 04:15:30
lol, Sarah F****ing Walker. 'Nuff said.
Shamoo2011-01-29 06:25:39
I must say, your shepard's quote is probably better than the actual rejection option.
penis2011-01-29 19:34:15
i din't know she had a penis?
Jay2011-03-12 22:36:50
La miranda esta bien buenota, desde que empeze a jugar el juego tengo fantasias con esa mujer tan rica.
And yeah, I do speak english too, but I just found funny that you wanted people to write in spanish, so there you go! Nice comic btw, Miranda is so hot! :)
fucked up dick2011-03-19 14:39:16
I Played ME2011-05-29 17:37:32
This comic is wonderful! I wish you luck! = )
Left 4 Dead Francis2011-05-31 18:07:12
I hate sandpaper.
Left 4 Dead Bacon2011-06-02 04:09:28
I hate bloody nipples
Mady022011-07-18 23:13:35
workitot2012-01-13 11:54:02

lovemetendertonight2012-03-12 01:55:46
I love miri's puppy face sooo much <3
Lozenge2012-07-18 21:37:58
There's my porno for the day.
Hagz2013-02-10 11:54:46
That backup plan is amusing, considering the ramifications that would follow in the suicide mission =3
Miranda tried to pull that tantrum shiz on my femshep. WHO'S GOT WORK TO DO NOW HUH??!
Bwopper2014-07-24 17:22:54
Sandpaper... I thought about this for a long time..... Sandpaper? Oh god hair! I am scarred thank you badspot.
1234anon 2017-03-14 21:55:48
you should draw porn.. >.> <.< lots of it
aaron2018-10-16 20:32:28
you dray Miranda good better then default

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