Future War

This was my first Torque engine project. I didn't really have a goal, I was just experimenting with actually getting things to work in a game such as getting in and out of vehicles, destroying and reparing stuff, inventory and ammo, etc. Some features such as deploying items on a grid, the grappling hook, and carrying fallen teammates became the basis for other game projects.

The download is pretty rough. To see the features you'll want to start the "yet another test mission" and press M and join the red team.

  • M - Select team
  • WASD - Move
  • Space Bar - Jump/Exit vehicle/Disconnect grappling hook
  • 1-5 - Use weapons
  • R - Reload
  • Ctrl+W - Drop weapon
  • E - Use pack
  • Ctrl+E - Drop pack


Bloxers2014-07-25 02:14:38
Nice. I'm trying the updated Torque3D and am getting a bit frustrated xD
:v2015-02-06 04:18:18
A virus detected.
SalivalTheSecond2015-02-06 11:57:04
If your using chrome, dont worry, that browser bullshits everyone.
Badspot2015-02-06 23:33:24
Virus total shows 0 matches: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c9b96df5373903f8de32318689e5fda18ed12b7433ddf4b143b76ce1a1b1bd3e/analysis/

Chrome says "FWar.zip is not commonly downloaded", which is true, but a rather useless warning.

If you're having some other warning pop up, please be specific.
2015-04-12 21:43:40
Great job! the landsscape reminds me of the older days in blockland :D
LOL I'm BadSpot2015-12-06 02:21:32
Yo, badspot! Keep up the good work!
The PILOT2016-01-05 18:26:11
A virus was detected
Badspot2016-01-06 02:05:00
>A virus was detected

No it wasn't. VirusTotal shows 0 detections. You may have gotten a warning about it being an uncommon download, because it is, but that's it.
Comment test2017-03-18 02:11:32
TORUN2017-06-27 17:05:13
Damn Torque had some good graphics in 2002.
Antares2017-12-05 00:08:42
> Damn Torque had some good graphics in 2002.

Torque Game Engine was the most popular engine back in the days. GarageGames was pretty alone back then I've read. I hope they fix up Torque Game Engine and re-release it to the public with some shader update. Would be amazing.
black lady2018-01-21 09:15:53
big hawk2020-03-16 23:35:58
this game changed my life
IDE992022-05-11 02:21:10

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