Age of Time
A very early screenshot from Age of Time.

Wedge2005-12-18 02:51:47
The first AoT? It still has the time displayed, that old health meter, and the buildings are arranged a bit differently. The most recent versions come a long way. Reminds me of when you could push crtl+a in the older copies and get an admin menu with the "magic wand".
TheLost2006-02-02 03:43:04
wow, this is pretty intense.
yuki2006-11-27 02:25:15
looks like a karate stance
LOL I'm BadSpot2008-03-01 08:09:47
you think your game is better than mine the prove it make it an online game lol or are you to stupid
Badspot2008-03-02 04:40:10
badspot the orijinal2008-03-02 15:16:48
make this game real lol
badspot the orijinal2008-03-02 15:24:14
this games a copy of aot so make it real
poop2008-03-02 15:33:41
are there any other games like aot other than bl cuz bl SUCKS
(IP: 15:37:08
lol its me poop again still woundering if there is lol
fucking cunt2008-03-02 15:38:15
your a fucking cunt yuki
tails2008-03-30 17:01:57
wtf @ above
jim1202008-09-07 01:00:42
living in the sun life loving in the fun life!
Oats2008-09-28 17:16:43
I want to ram my dick up her wet vag hole.
Green Blockhead2008-11-08 18:24:42
Intresting, I seen that game before. Someone met you on this medevil game, making beds, going to jail and swinging around. Here is a keyword "Koleth" obviously. Ive been trying to find out what that game is. I have the link though:
2009-01-01 18:09:24
WE NEED A KARATE STANCE LIKE THAT IN AOT if only AoT wasn't dead forever (or at least I think)
fred2009-01-23 02:01:12
We need punches and kicks in AOT.
Antares2009-09-05 09:37:22
Age of Time is still cool for new players.
Pyromaniac2013-08-11 01:31:04
I still play this game, and I still love it actually.
2016-07-09 20:57:05

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