why2024-04-01 01:14:30
Why do you care? Live your life. Stop caring about how jack-off-able pixels are on your screen. Fucking incel
Why2018-01-11 05:23:58
Perhaps I am, though not what I mean to do in principle. They are not contradictory positions, correct, didn't mean to make them sound like they were. I think my dislike is in using a bait-y but definitively true gif that, while it makes your point, is something your user base feeds off of and reinforces other negative viewpoints they have.

But, I am too quick in judging you as less likable as a person for a less likable post. From what I know of you I wouldn't be able to come to any meaningful conclusion on your likability (at least in an absolute sense) because I just don't know you enough.

I imagine if there's as many people out there that know you so little and judge so definitely that it must suck to be you sometimes :/
Why2018-01-10 23:57:20
Why am I here. Why do I visit your site and view your ads and give you money.

This post is ironic, for just as you complain about the values of the system that treats privacy as something traded and bought, you have no care for gender equality or other social movement. This doesn't make your argument weaker, it just makes you a less likable person.