skidoodle2024-04-05 14:42:04
>None of these things effect the shape of the model.

But in real life they would affect the appearance - and thus, sexual appeal - of the character

>I took the screenshot directly from the video game myself.

Ok I understand the difference between us now. You're still rocking that good ol' GeForce GT970 and had to play in low 480p while I ran the game on ultra 1440p. My Lara was pretty :P

>"Amazon" implies an tall, athletic, attractive woman, not a brute, not an anti-hero.

D2R Amazon does not become an "anti-hero". Guess we just gotta agree to disagree on that one, it's subjective to some extent. I like her better that way, it fits the dark theme imho.

>Because Harmony is presented sexually (...) on a stage, in fantastical clothing, presented as a sacred object, with the goal of confronting and challenging normal heterosexual desires.

That's an interesting insight. Nothing in your original point suggested that - consider expanding that paragraph maybe, cause right now it only says "game has fat woman" and that's not an argument in itself. I haven't played this game, so if you have and could elaborate, I think it'd add value to your analysis.
skidoodle2024-04-04 09:12:46
I appreciate you responding.

>It's an unmodified screenshot from the game.

...taken at the moment Lara gets up, grunting, after having been brutally disarmed. You also chose the 240p video for the source, instead of a FullHD version. This is a prime example of cherrypicking, as Lara is *not* that ugly in the whole game. Maybe you didn't play it but I did lol.

>The technical issue is that women don't have muscles like that, so when you add them artificially in a post process, it looks weird.

Yeah but the end result of a woman looking ugly is *not*, as you claim, by design to make her look ugly, but by design to make her muscular - which itself is a fairly reasonable artistic decision - and then failing at this plan. Those are not the same things.

>So you're saying she's... ugly on purpose?

Yeah, right. Just to clarify my thought here: I don't think D2R's Amazon is ugly because of woke propaganda. Her ugliness is not political. Her image is supposed to convey a mean, naturalistic, brutal emotions, not cause sexual arousal. This is a different thing than "feminists and soyboys lobby for making female characters uglier". Somehow the Sorceress in the same game is a plain hottie.

>Why do you hate women?

C'mon bro, don't antagonize me for no reason. I agree with you on half the things you said in your post. What I'm saying is that this fanart thing has no soul, it's not unique at all. I've seen that kinda face in 41987 posts on r34 and /aco/. Blizzard's ugly Amazon is unique at least.

>Did Big Smoke make bedroom eyes and twerk into the camera while morbidly obese black men seal-clapped and shouted "yass king represent" on social media?

How would this be of any relevance? Your post concerns female ugliness, not black culture. Your entire critique of Destruction Allstars comprised this lone sentence: "This vehicular combat game features an obese black woman named Harmony." So I attacked this point by showing you an example of a game that also featured vehicles, combat, and an obese black *man* named Big Smoke. Please decide which of the following is/are the problem: (1) depictions of black people doing black people shit, or (2) depictions of fat people, or (3) depictions of fat women?
skidoodle2024-03-28 10:35:39
Great compilation. They not only made Peevee ugly but also obnoxious and annoying. Both her and Aloy are products of some grade A science of ugliness, just like it's easy to create neat clean surfaces but takes incredible effort to make them look dirty, rusty, messed up (think cities in Mirror's Edge vs Deus Ex MD). Forspoken, Redfall, Fable, Injustice, and of course the TLoU fiasco - all great examples.

However, you were obviously trying very hard to make some examples fit your theory. Cyberpunk 2077 has hot chicks both in game (Judy, Panam) and in the posters - female V, the one looking to the bottom-right, is simply attractive (ok you may disagree, but it's still a big stretch to call her UGLY). Lara from the new games is still hot, but you deliberately picked some mishap of a screenshot to demonstrate otherwise; for each screenshot like that, I'll find one where she looks hot. Oh and the muscle argument maybe only proves some technical/design issues, not deliberate ugliness. Lawbreakers - idk man, call *me* racist but from what I see this girl is actually quite an idealized image of a black woman. D2R - notice that the new amazon shares facial features with the original one, just in greater detail and minus the ridiculous boobplate. She's supposed to be ugly, her special hero trait is in her combat abilities, she ain't got the time to put on make up and be a hottie. In fact, the characterless anime-like doll from your "excellent fanart" makes me cringe a little bit. Finally, Destruction Allstars is a comic-like game, don't take it that seriously man. Bet you didn't cry about Big Smoke from GTA:SA being a lardass, did you?