breadpilled2023-07-02 22:13:53
b4v21/"blockland rebuilt" so-called "players" are extremely angry that they can't control the players still playing blockland; on regular blockland they would be countered for pushing their funky gender and sexual ideologies. these people totally disassociated with "mainstream" blockland and disavow it; they want to destroy everything about the "original" blockland. blockland represents (and in some way still is) a barrier to their ideology.

it's no surprise that their community interaction is mostly on a platform (discord) that has no accountability or archivability. ironic for someone (kenko) who cares so much about muh archiving. they can hide their actions this way. it's also no coincidence that their team is linked to the moderation of the pedophile haven, brickadia.

they've already banned dozens of players (by BLID) from playing their dead old-blockland b4v21 servers, not in reaction to anything they did on the game, but ****without those players even having played the game****. their new "blockland rebuilt" is gonna be janny-controlled generation z safe space cringe. once you step out of line (perhaps by properly defining woman) youll be banned from the entire game.

on the technical side, this is the most retarded approach. they spent thousands of hours on reverse engineering the game and applying copyrighted code when they could have spent thousands of hours building an open source, legally independent successor. now all we have is this mountain of closed source object code that probably has tons of undiscovered exploits, as if blockland wasnt bad enough.