krack2024-04-24 00:09:13
krack2024-04-23 15:13:12
rich coming from you, the ball sucker
krack2024-04-23 03:50:46
>you should try making one of your own!

how about YOU try making one? never thought of that, did you? but you can't help yourself from chortling on this dude balls. give it up, the past is the past.
Krack2024-04-17 18:38:06
give them a cookie and a firm handshake by god they found the joke
krack2024-04-08 04:59:14
brickadia is literally made by pedos
krack2024-04-08 04:53:27
>But in real life they would affect the appearance - and thus, sexual appeal - of the character

b-b-but in real life i-i-t would a-a-ffect it!!

>My Lara was pretty

glad you got some wank material out of it