henrique sunman aka sunspot2023-07-17 15:56:35
Watching B4v21 members cry about how the legoman comment is "transphobic". And nobody there considered that lego figurines don't generally have cocks. But that can't be the joke, right?
Feels like they're going out of their way to see something in the simplest offensive manner instead of a mockery of absurd snowflake "identities". But no you can't "discriminate" against those there either!
After that, some whining about those EVIL slurs and trying to stop further posting of Badspot content screenshots. Can't discuss ANYTHING like that!
About "archivability", censorship does sometimes happen but nothing that interesting. Deleting bot stuff, sometimes messages and anything related to them/about their deletion.
Someone go figure out how to crack their servers already. Freelandv20 when?