Female character model
I decided to update the rpg chick from 'Sons of Valor' to modern day standards. I made this model with the goal of in-game customization features. The clothing, which in most games is simply a texture painted on the model, is constructed out of polygons. This means its possible to mix and match clothing items without using any extra texture memory. The textures of the clothing are simple repeating cloth textures. This means that any cloth texture can be used on any piece of clothing. The skin and hair are left as solid colors so that the characters skin tone can be changed to any color you want in-game. By mixing and matching these features, literally millions of different combinations can be created with a small amount of resources.

I've actually animated this and gotten it running in the Torque engine. The problem is that Torque doesnt support smoothing groups on skinned characters, so a lot of the detail is lost. Also, the animation system is flakey and sometimes has mysterious problems. Like the right arm will just mysteriously be tilted 10 degrees. Ugh.

findmypenis2007-08-07 17:09:17
yeah torque sucks
Minion2007-12-03 23:42:29
Sankuro2008-11-01 20:42:58
Girls can fight, idiot
2009-01-01 13:15:59
This looks pretty realistic
jcat2009-12-22 23:56:03
i want a second chance badspot.please?
Edsonmilan2010-04-04 23:01:53
hey eric how i get torque game engine or what program did you used to make blockland did you buyed or no???
2010-04-19 16:33:24
Why are there no male models?
SalivalTheSecond2015-01-25 16:29:47
There are no male models since badspot is addicted to lesbian pornography. (No offence badspot)

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