Drop a knife on a baby
This was for a MS Paint thread at the shack, I believe. An MS Paint thread is where someone posts a topic and everyone responds with an image centered around that topic drawn in paint. The topic is usually broad and open to interpretation. In this case, I believe the topic was "carnage" or something like that. Why use paint? Because everything is funnier when it looks like crap.

One member of the shack reportedly printed this out and affixed it to his child's crib. This disturbs me.

.2007-03-30 08:40:10
Miga2007-05-18 17:25:57
Reporting you for child abuse you evil badspot!
Skylord2008-01-25 03:29:52
Infomaniac2008-09-26 02:13:33
Orts2008-09-28 19:02:04
2008-11-06 00:18:16
Sankuro2008-11-06 00:26:20
[b]I has funny pictures[/b]
Part I
Part II
Sankuro2008-11-06 00:26:33
[b]I has funny pictures[/b]
Part I
Part II
^^failed2008-11-06 00:27:07
i failed to post pictures correctly X_X
2008-11-06 00:27:22
Sankuro2008-11-06 21:29:48
Also those letters look like their from the roblox logo O_o
WHAT THE ****2009-07-02 21:24:17
how is a knife hovering above a baby?
Xia2009-08-07 04:58:05
Magic. :D
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:42:23
"I failed to post pics. correctly X_X" well you cane do url's,bolds,underline,
strikethrough,or italic either
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:43:10
And this is a lol pwn Make one that shows the bayby geting stabed
OH-NOESH2009-10-31 03:10:03
Sephiroth2010-04-02 00:29:43

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