jeep 3
The jeep from my little war game project. The babes riding in it are from 'Sons of Valor'- an action rpg that I worked on for a bit with some people that never really materialized. The jeep is scripted to allow people to get in and out of course and the passengers can aim and shoot freely while riding. Damage scripts allow the suspension to break and for the tires to go flat, but the jeep can never be completely destroyed. Animations include the steering wheel, pedals and suspension.

Black2005-10-06 23:21:53
whoa if you ever finish this i'll play it
Mixmasta2005-10-11 16:43:57
The hair is just like it is in AoT. Is it the same models?
Badspot2005-10-11 16:52:15
The hair style is the same but I actually redid the model
Badspot2005-10-11 17:59:06
It's not really something I plan on finishing, it was just an experimental project.
yuki2006-09-19 22:52:07
i wish i could play these games
Kitty2006-10-16 14:59:54
You are seemingly not happy with your current female models in AoT, yes?

So.. How about these?
Badspot2006-10-16 20:21:08
These models are far worse. They have texture based faces and clothing, so I wouldn't be able to change the cloth texture and skin tone the way I do in AoT now.

I'm actually pretty happy with most of the current AoT model. There are just a few construction problems that make it look wierd sometimes and cause seams to show. The new model has a more realistic skeletal structure but some parts didn't turn out as good as the current model.
Sankuro2008-11-02 00:21:06
I'm going to post a topic about what you need to add in age of time.
fred02392009-01-23 04:32:21
at least put the jeep in AOT. please!
Jungle Ranger2009-04-11 23:08:55
Yes I LOVE it, but is it possible in Blockland? That is a pretty good question.
Mazeribot2009-06-29 07:42:37
Hmmm... can you make V13 on Blockland better? i cant make my Pro events longer and i cant use Duplicator anymore can you fix it (events: you have to meny (OnActivate. Duplicator:Mazeribot dont trust (something) you to do that. O.o
Badspot2009-06-30 03:00:48
Get the updated duplicator.
Mazeribot2009-06-30 07:34:17
got it xD but i cant use my pro event skill :O
eli2010-06-25 17:42:46
DUDE!!!!!!!! that is so awesome.Are you the one who made blockland?
Serj2010-11-28 02:51:54
I need the download link NOW anyways it looks cool

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