Asteroids Title Screen
The title screen.

Nige1112006-09-10 13:18:12
Hay Badspot, do you still have this? :D
Badspot2006-09-10 17:57:18
I do. I should fix it and package it up.
God2008-01-04 18:54:26
I love you.
Jesus2008-02-07 04:10:56
hi dad!
TruBluRage2008-11-30 04:15:43
Two words. Epic Win.
Sankuro2008-12-07 22:55:13
Link? I would like to see how good you did on this. So far I am truly amazed at how your advancing in your video games, especialy the upcoming BL physics.
Brandon2009-01-25 23:27:46
Oh... Hey Badspot Are you working on Anything Else And Blockland, (Awesome!)
Jungle Ranger2009-01-28 22:49:31
Badspot. I am pissed becuase you banned me from fourms!
I like the title!
But it needs a purpouse lol.
Badspot2009-01-29 08:51:44
What is your forum username? I want to make sure you the ban is permanent.
Tails2009-02-04 22:57:09
Have you fixed and packaged it up yet? :D
Svenne2009-02-21 19:07:44
Looks nice. Is it like space invaders, but better graphics?
DeviceHasBeenModified2009-03-04 19:38:33
Cool! When you gona put a link for it? i want to play it :D
Nige1112009-06-25 17:00:59
Anonymous2009-07-06 15:05:18
{Kiwi}2009-07-08 15:37:55
Epic. Just plain epic and badspot what are you doing for v13 for blockland?
Josetox2009-07-27 22:40:13
youre a cock sucker!!
Anonymous2010-09-03 23:54:06
What the hell, Josetox.
Takato142010-09-07 01:04:01
Yea, wth? >_>

A link would be nice :/
Acid's Plain2010-09-12 01:14:50
I love retro games like this. A link would be nice to try it out.
Xanderian2012-10-12 03:52:27
wow. hey badspot, what happened to packaging it up? if you dont want to, i can probably (try to) do it for you.
AsteroidsRepackaged2016-09-10 19:06:07
So... when will you be able to repackage it? I really would like to play this.

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