Tribes 2 Sword and Shield
Testing some rpg related models in Tribes 2.

Terminal582005-10-13 23:43:32
This would go well in AOT
Badspot2005-10-14 01:45:14
you mean the tribes 2 guy? I'm sure sierra wouldn't mind....
Terminal582005-10-14 23:12:17
Dear Tribes 2 modeler guy I stole your rag doll and I just did your wife. PS Have a nice day :)
DELTA2005-12-21 15:25:49
LOL if they saw that they'd sew your ass off!
DrNo2006-04-02 16:46:51
LOL ya if they saw that they would tear your ass right off man
tay2006-04-02 20:55:53
O_O2006-09-02 06:45:43
Then they'd jam meat cubes in your pants and send an army of orcs after you then use your content in their game as target practice.
Green Link2007-11-07 03:22:28
Awsome! what game is this?
Badspot2007-11-07 18:33:22
It's Tribes 2 with some replacement models.
Skylord2008-01-25 03:00:06
You know.. Age of time could use a little SHINE SHINE.. Only if you didn't hate age of time so much -.-
Sankuro2008-11-02 00:14:54
Badspot dosn't hate age of time. But you are right age of time could use a little shine.
Sankuro2008-11-02 00:17:40
Also we REALLY FREAKING NEED better ways to get money in age of time and we shouldn't lose ALL of our FREAKING hard earned GOLD FRICKIN PEICES and most of the areas shouldn't be pvp areas, we need auto attacking, and also monsters shouldn't chase you unless you inflict damage to them, unless in certain zones such as dungeons.
Sankuro2008-11-02 00:19:06
And dyna droppers (the monsters that drop dynamite to kill players) should run out of dynamite some time!
Robo2009-01-03 20:00:45
I have an idea for the gold dropping in Age of time, make it a crime to pick up the gold dropped by someone when they die, and it has their name above/below the gp, not that your ever updating it anyway.
ITS THE POLISE2009-01-19 08:01:16
sir that sword and shild lok jsut like the aot sword and shield what the his going on ehre!
Mazeribot2009-06-30 07:37:46
is it bots to fight with in that game?

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