Uber Burger
An inside joke in Tribes RPG.

2005-10-05 00:51:00
HOLY S***!
That thing is HUGE!
Black2005-10-06 23:26:36
whoa thats really really big...
Eddy2005-10-07 17:40:24
Pack2005-10-13 08:22:18
That waitress doesn't look freindly
superman1012005-10-15 04:58:48
you guys are all really funny tee hee
Maveric2005-10-28 01:05:55
First Wendy's with a square burger, now the Uber Bar & Grill with HEXAGONAL burgers??? At least theirs is uber...
felix2006-01-12 02:22:06
PUT THE SKELE IN AOT he could use burn instead of fireball
Colten2007-09-02 21:41:30
Burgers were originaly square
busya2007-09-09 03:14:27
was ist der game(im not german)
lol2008-03-02 15:22:56
your are german lol
Knaz2008-08-23 01:12:57
Sankuro2008-12-07 23:07:23
"The waitress": Gnrrrr..
Me: I'd like to order an uber burger
"The waitress": (Eats the uber burger)
"The waitress": (Lunges and misses at me)
Me: (Runs out)
2008-12-07 23:07:42
I want an uber :cookie: next tho
StoreClerk2009-01-19 07:56:28
looks like hes eating his own neck
Someretard2009-03-22 20:13:31
You think you could condjure up an Uber Milkshake to wash that down?
Conan2010-06-26 02:41:18
I wouldn't want to eat that. Looks too much like a bolt, and probably is one.
Serj2010-12-18 02:24:33
it looks like a waffle
amogus2022-08-19 00:33:38
Delicious. XDXD

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