Tribes RPG Goblin Skin
The goblin skin that I made for the Tribes RPG mod.

Miga2005-11-26 21:27:56
Looks like the HULK. LOL
felix2006-01-12 02:18:51
you need to replace the old orc with him in aot
Badspot2006-01-12 02:48:37
I can't really do that. It's not a complete model, its just a different texture for the tribes guy.
Nige1112006-02-17 16:10:21
yeah, but we have looked at blueguy.dts, and what a surprise, ITS THE TRIBES GUY!!!!1!1 :P
Badspot2006-02-18 05:01:18
the blue guy came with older versions of torque. He's not actually from tribes, he just looks similar
Nige1112006-02-22 12:48:42
ok :P
2006-06-25 16:00:00
2006-06-26 02:19:18
2006-06-26 02:22:45
Semen2007-02-08 21:33:21
Badspot2007-02-09 18:25:02
^^^ otis
Lawl2007-02-14 01:52:15
Sankuro2008-10-29 20:54:01
Me too
Sankurp2008-10-29 20:56:08
Who keeps using my computer to post comments?
Goofballhero2008-11-14 07:00:21
People like to say random stuff eh? XD
Goofballhero2008-11-14 18:59:50
Rofl. Badspot your harsh, even I am harsh with noobs LMAO
KRS12009-07-30 01:12:28
:3 Win!
Me2019-10-15 23:10:29
10 years

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