Bloody Mary2011-07-08 22:24:57
Wow, that looks like something out of a cutscene.
Bloody Mary2011-04-09 15:05:21
I like it. I actually think I enjoy these more than the colored ones.
Bloody Mary2011-03-31 18:14:52
Noblaum, that question was asked almost 2 years ago.
Bloody Mary2011-03-08 18:07:45
So wait, they're 3 shapely lesbians that share a bed?
Bloody Mary2011-03-05 22:18:36
Also, the healing thing looks like a frog.
Bloody Mary2011-03-05 02:47:54
I also like how Shepard looks so cute in the second panel.
Bloody Mary2011-03-03 15:37:39
Great work as always.
I like the inscription on the statue.
Bloody Mary2011-03-01 19:06:38
So, who was filming?
Bloody Mary2011-02-17 22:58:51
How on earth could I have overlooked that?
Bloody Mary2011-02-17 21:26:34
No, I mean the lines on her right cheek.
Bloody Mary2011-02-16 19:51:51
What's with the lines on her face? Am I missing something, or what?
Bloody Mary2011-02-08 22:15:50
I like how the little icon for the webpage is "BS"
Bloody Mary2011-01-30 18:34:40
I have never played L4D.
So that might have something to do with it.
Bloody Mary2011-01-25 16:39:30
So, is N2kr0m@nX3r a bot or something?
Bloody Mary2011-01-25 16:38:01
Well, was it actually forever?
The animation is only a couple of frames.
Bloody Mary2011-01-24 17:07:50
I like how you made a distinction between troll and human.
Like trolls aren't human.
Bloody Mary2011-01-15 14:31:55
That sounds pretty impressive.
I'll have to give it a try sometime.
Bloody Mary2011-01-15 01:04:36
Wait, I'm confused.
What does this actually do?

I couldn't tell by looking at the page.
Bloody Mary2011-01-13 18:10:14
"Send me a signal such as looking at the camera or blinking."
That was hilarious.
So was that one guy that thought you were serious.
Bloody Mary2011-01-13 18:04:38
Bloody Mary2011-01-03 19:09:06
I could have sworn that the last panel changed.
I thought it was just "The embryo"
Bloody Mary2011-01-03 14:53:50
I just noticed that if you read the panels in the order of 2-1-3, the woman becomes a heartless consumer.
Who donates to cancer research.
Bloody Mary2010-12-31 20:33:01
W, you're a moron.
Bloody Mary2010-12-30 01:10:21
I have never heard of this game, but I'm strangely intrigued.

I also love the non-comic updates.
I suggest you do more.
Bloody Mary2010-12-04 02:56:50
I like the lesbian parts.
Which is the entire comic.
Bloody Mary2010-12-01 22:58:46
I think the text in the last panel disappeared.
Atleast, I can't see it.
Bloody Mary2010-11-08 20:03:32
I thought it was good.
Bloody Mary2010-10-16 01:09:04
They do that here, as well.
Then again, we live in the same state.
Actually, the same city.
Bloody Mary2010-10-12 01:36:02
I fell for it.
I just wanted to see you.
Bloody Mary2010-07-13 19:28:56
I'm pretty sure that there are some copies of this floating around.
Although, why would you want the old version?
The newer one is ten times better.
Bloody Mary2010-07-11 15:06:55
I don't really get it.